Lost Girl

Season 2 Episode 19

Truth and Consequences

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2012 on Showcase

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  • Sacrifices

    Like what I have mentioned in my previous reviews, I like Kenzi because of her loyalty to Bo. In this episode, I love her even more. I didn't expect that she will choose Bo over Nate. I mean if I were Kenzi, I would grab Nate, leave, but will go back when everything's clear. But that's not Kenzi. Kenzi will never leave Bo even if she will push her away.

    I am a Doccubus fan ever since. So when Nadia woke up from a 5 year coma, it kinda broke my heart a bit for the two heroine but I didn't expect that they will kill Nadia off right away. I kinda picture that at Lauren would have the courage to admit how much she cares about Bo when Nadia was still in a coma. Much worse, they let Bo killed Nadia because Garuda somehow possessed Nadia's body. Maybe the writers want to prolong the Bo-Lauren relationship a little more. Maybe it's for the best. Let's just wait for the succeeding episodes.
  • Out of character developments make this one fae the rubbish bin

    I ended up being really disappointed in this show. Not that I think it was horrible, there were a lot of good scenes and character/storyline development. But there were two scenes that made me really question the storywriting here. One was the ending of the Glaive interview -- first, we have been shown that she doesn't need to touch people to use her succubus powers, and can drain an entire room of people... but she struggles against two toughs like 'oh, I'm weak and can't do anything'... ok, maybe just dramatic build-up, fine. Then, we've been told that the 'second heart' needs a jump start, but pulling a knife out of the first one really doesn't seem to fit the bill. Then she sits and watches Nadia being possessed and attacking Lauren, again like 'oh, I forgot I have succubus powers and can stop her in her tracks almost instantly... but I have this knife here... even though I've been insisting I'm not a murderer for two seasons, I just need to stab this possessed b*ch'. Really? It would have been more in character to subdue her and have the Ash put her in possessed-girl-lockup. And she stabs her in the stomach, which may hurt like hell and eventually kill you, but not right away. Someone really possessed by a super-powerful creature wouldn't just fold up and die in 3 seconds, it doesn't even fit the show's If they wanted to show her change from 'soft-hearted' to "I'ma cut you, b*ch" in one show, at least do something like show her trying to use her succubus powers first, which are made ineffective by the Garuda's control over the possessed woman.
  • Truth and Consequences

    Truth and Consequences was a superb and entertaining episode of "Lost Girl" from start to finish. I really enjoyed watching this episode because the story was good, and different character plot lines intersected as there were new revelations and more questions. Kenzi makes an important decision and so does Bo in her own way. It was interesting to watch Hale give away Trick's true identity to the Ash. Nadia was crazy and I felt bad for her. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • mind = blown

    took off the 0.5 for kensi staying lol

    but wow totally epic episode, reasons why this show deserves air time !

    bo meets the glave and finds out where her loyalties lie clearly on the wrong side, when after bo takes a brain wave blocking pill she has her taken away and presumably killed bo takes out the guards and stuns her taking her to the ash.

    hale find him self between trick and the ash and takes a risk having them meet up to team up SMOOTH move there man!

    kensi poor lass is put in her place being bo's 'pet' when trick tells her to leave with nate, then bo tells her the same thing, but she in typical kensi fashion goes and dumps nate and stays with bo !

    Then lauren and nadia have some issues with nadia black outs which lead to psycho esq shower scene then throwing poor kensi around which culminates in a brief brutal showdown and bo's ends her suffering to protect lauren. i must say i had suspected for a few episodes that nadia wasn't normal and had worked out she was in some way connected with the garuda.
  • Episode 19

    This episode was awesome, she finally had it in her to kill someone when it was absolutely necessary. Very surprising and fulfilling to me as a fan. I read another review which said they thought trick was bo's father, which would definitely explain the bond they share with one another, unless he knows something else thats amazingly important reguarding her destiny being that he is in fact, the blood king! All in all, a great series, cannot wait for the next 3 episodes finishing up this season. I have a feeling there will be much more astonishing surprises to come.
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