Lost In Austen

Wednesday 9:00 PM on ITV Premiered Sep 03, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • What would you do?

    Lost in Austen is essentially FanFiction made real. It's the classic what if tale of, if you were there what would you do? a) Would you try to let the story play out as it should? b) Would you push for a speedier resolution of the plot and in so doing allow the characters to find appiness more quickly? Or c) would you try to let things develop, but stuff it up royally because you just can't quite fit in and you stick out like a sore thumb? I think after watching this we all know the answer would be c) stuff it up royally! But that's okay, because that is what makes the series so great. If I knew what was going to happen I wouldn't have watched it. I would have watched the DVD of the Colin Firth version so that I didn't have to wait for the next episode. Oh, and can I just say that Darcy in 21st Century London was genius and whoever thought of including the teletubbies and the immortal "Twinky Winky" line should be throughly ashamed of themselves because I was in fits and had to pause the tele. Libster_1
  • Austen plus a little time travel?

    Okay, so I really like Jane Austen. I re-read the originals, and appreciate some of the newer mystery/romance entries that are available now. If you appreciate Austen's wit, you feel a little sad when the last one has been read. I think the characters are wonderful in this series, and if they strayed far afield with the storyline, that is just fine with me. The writers stayed true enough to the original novel for me to be happy placing the eventual DVD alongside the "classic" sets, because this adaptation is worth a second and third watch for this Austenite.
  • Miss. Amanda Price steps through the door which leads her to a place she only dared to dream of.

    Clearly 4 episodes were not enough. I wanted to keep on watching. I wish TV networks had gave this mini-series a better chance. 'Lost in Austen' is a rare gem. I wish we had more shows like this. The actors were believable; they breathed the life into the characters. Who doesn't wish we had a magical door that leads us to magical places we could only dream of? Jane Austen books were meant to be appreciated and this mini-series celebrates Austen in a truly special way. If she were here with us I think she would approve. Believing in love... Cherishing precious moments...
  • Amanda Price is an avid Jane Austen fan. One evening she finds Elisabeth Bennet in her bathroom. Thus she enters the world of Pride and Prejudice and turns the famous love story upside down...

    This is sooooo awesome. Its so funny to see how one person can change the whole story. Its even funnier to discover how some very known caracters could be something really different...Many loyal fans of the story might not like how it doesnt follow the known storyline but its soooo much fun, cause its everything you know plus many twists that would make Jane Austen grin(maybe). Of course there are many plot holes but in general its worth seeing. Enjoy!

    P.S: Elliot Cowan (he was playing Ptolemy in Alexander) as Darcy is really hot... And Jemima Rooper plays the Austen savant very well.