Lost in Space

Season 1 Episode 14

Attack Of The Monster Plants

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Dec 15, 1965 on CBS

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  • Interesting Idea

    The Robinsons are ready to leave the Planet only Dr. Smith has run off with the much needed fuel. While hiding out a strange plant consumes the fuel and grows dramatically and reproduces. Judy, while looking for Dr. smith get trapped by one of the plants and is duplicated. This is probably the one of two episodes where Marta Kristen actually gets to act, albeit in a zombie like way, some acting none the less.
  • The episode is a clear example why Dr. Smith needs to go away.

    The Dr. Smith character was apparently added by the network to afford an antagonist. Sadly there is a gaping plot problem because Dr. Smith's character is consistently endangering the crew and offering only savage barbarity showing absolutely no attempt at getting things right. In this episode, he is so desperate to get back to earth that he completely ruins the mission and endangers Judy's life and could care less. Sorry but a laser blast to the head would cure his problem in a second. Judy does have a small role in the episode but it is once again the endless pontification of Dr. Smith that just drags the plot down the hole. As one commentator wrote -- why do they keep this guy around?
  • The Robinsons finally have enough fuel to leave the planet. They choose to leave Smith. But they soon discover they have other problems - mysterious plants that feed on their fuel supply and a missing Robinson.

    This is the best season for the Robinsons. I enjoyed this episode with a couple exceptions. First, the explanation on how the plants showed up on the planet. Where they spores that landed on the planet and started reproducing? They were obviously not a problem before and not a problem after. Second, what happened to the duplicate Judy? Did she vanish when Judy was found or died like the plants? Otherwise, the show was very good. Smith was the evil Smith that we all loved in the first season. He blackmails the Robinsons into forcing Don to fly him off the planet in exchange for the location of the missing Judy. And it gave Judy more air time then just helping Maureen with the chores.