Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 1

Condemned of Space

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Sep 06, 1967 on CBS

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  • A far cry from the often \'kidsy fairy tale\' episodes of the 2nd. season, and a rousing beginning to the 3rd. season. A wonderful episode for the big screen!

    The opening sequence of the Robinson\'s escape from the doomed \'Post Planus\' is terrific and fast paced. The Jupiter 2\'s acceleration sound effect (heard also in \'A Visit to a Hostile Planet\', \'Hunter\'s Moon\', the episode trailer for 'Flight Into the Future', and in \'The Promised Planet\') is nothing short of mesmerizing and captivating. The crash sequence seen in reverse holds an interesting symbolism ( a sort of death and resurrection moment ). It even takes place at night ( just as the crash landing in \'Forbidden Planet\' took place at night). The transition from the Jupiter\'s escape run over the planet surface into the scene where John and Don are viewing the comet dead ahead is equally captivating. The escape from the comet is reminiscent of the Jupiter\'s escape from the hyperatomic missile in \'Forbidden Planet\', with the Jupiter 2 pulling up and away at the last second from the comet. The episode transitions dramatically from hot to cold to hot to cold ( i.e., the heat of the comet; the cold of escaping oxygen when Dr. Smith accidentally opens both hatches in space, something he shouldn\'t have been able to survive!; the heat of the supernova; the cold environment of the frozen prison ship). Also reminiscent of the 2nd. season: Smith sneaking up to the control room just as he did in \'Wild Adventure\' to unleash another wild adventure. Last time it was the Jupiter\'s reserve fuel supply being jettisoned, now the airlock wide open to deep space. Wow! One question: Why would Dr. Smith feel he could get help from unknown aliens out there with his \'S.O.S\' canister? Another 2nd. season similarity: The Jupiter 2 losing air pressure at one point. Finally another interesting symbolism: The prisoners\' release from the detainment of their overlong frozen sleep echoes the Robinson\'s escape from their season-long detainment on an alien planet, making the 3rd. season the one season in which the Robinson\'s are not shipwrecked all season long. One question about the Robinson\'s space suit attire: Why are Prof. Robinson and Major West the only expedition members to be wearing the protective space gloves during the Jupiter\'s emergency liftoff?
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