Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 1

Condemned of Space

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Sep 06, 1967 on CBS

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  • A pretty good opening to the final season

    The first annual episode anniversary of the season is the Season Three opener..a very popular episode. I have seen a couple people through the years even consider CONDEMNED OF SPACE to be like their very favorite episode of all. Why is it popular? Well, the reasons are obvious. When you think about it, the story really has no real weaknesses or pitfalls (besides accurate science, of course). The production team had interjected some serious high-flying drama, adventure and excitement back into the series. I, as a youngster, always looked forward to this one coming around in the rotation. I really cannot think of anything not to like about it. It hardly even has any real 'silly' moments or scenes. It is played pretty much straight, except for the usual Dr. Smith and Robot one-liners..but those are limited and bearable I cannot even really gripe about my usual Season Three complaints in this one (Dr. Smith's, Penny's, and

    William's overacting, and the kids too 'old' for my taste). Ms. Judy and Ms. Penny look very stunning and yummy back in their silver flight suits. It had been quite some time since they wore them. Judy, especially, looks gorgeous here. And we see a rare few episodes look at Penny in her gorgeous long dark straight hair (which is her style in the first handful of episodes this year) before she gets that God-awful wig thingy going.

    We had good outer space technology for the fans who love the Jupiter 2 in flight. They take off..they land on a prison ship..and they take off at the end. Speaking of the end, we also had a very solid final wrap to this episode. A little light, perhaps, but nothing to 'cutesy' or silly. It can be much worse. Overall, this was a very solid way to start what would go on to be the final season of LOST IN SPACE.

    This episode is my #6 ranked of the season..so you see, I like it!