Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 1

Condemned of Space

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Sep 06, 1967 on CBS



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    • Phanzig: (while he has Dr. Smith in the cat's cradle noose) I'm as innocent as the day I was born. As gentle as the day is long, harmless, tender. A prince of virtue.

    • Dr. Smith: We're doomed! Doomed!
      Maureen: Oh really, Dr. Smith! Can't you think of some other word? Doomed is so final!
      Dr. Smith: The only other word I can think of is extinction.

    • Dr. Smith: Be careful, William. It would be dreadful if those buttons played the same tricks on you as they did on me.
      Will: Buttons don't play tricks, Dr. Smith. You must have done something wrong.

    • Dr. Smith: Comet, comet, go away! Come again another day!

    • Dr. Smith: (talking to the SOS canister he has just released into space) Adieu, little spool.
      In space you will roam. Dr. Smith is a prisoner, a long way from home.

    • Robot: Would you like me to cross my sensors for you, Dr. Smith?
      Dr. Smith: I prefer to rely on the winds of chance, not superstition.

    • Prof. Robinson: According to Smith that's the result of an abnormal airlock.
      Maj. West: More like abnormal Smith.

    • Robot: Dr. Smith! In times of emergency one may dispense with formal attire!

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