Lost in Space

Season 2 Episode 10

Curse of Cousin Smith

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Nov 16, 1966 on CBS

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  • Place your bets....

    Previous reviewer says it all. I would only add that some of these scripts seem to be the product of a "stream of consciousness" process, involving a bunch of people around a table with a fifth of liquor... Only the deliciously over the top performance of Henry Jones as Jeremiah saves this one from the garbage heap.
  • Dr Smith's cousin appears out of nowhere, with the intention of killing him so he claim the inheritance owed to them.

    To say this episode is absurd would be an understatement. Dr Smith's cousin just happens to drop out of the sky? He happens to be in space as well?? And he finds the very planet (and the same part of the planet) Zachery is on??
    If one can overlook that, the performance of the two main characters is pretty entertaining, and Guy Williams is very good. But don't think about it. Oh, and the sight of that gambling machine chasing the two Smiths is pretty ridiculous. And also, what happened to the mysterious cousin at the end of the story? Where did he go?
  • one of the most prepostorous shows of the series. dr. smith's cousin appears out of the sky and tries to claim inheritance from a relative. the problem, only one smith can have it all.

    one of the worst of the series, not many highlights, as it is so hard to believe. gambling machines, bad acting and other non memorable scenes are the lowlights. dr. smith is great as usual and guy williams is good in this one. pretty much a real stinker. close to the bottom of the barrel.