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Dr. Zachary Smith

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    Jonathan Harris was born Nov. 6, 1914, so he was 50 on Sept. 15, 1965, when the series premiered.

    Dr. Zachary Smith

    Colonel Zachary Smith, in uniform, is a spy for an unnamed country (The Reluctant Stowaway).

    He was champion of the chess club at Oxford University for three years (The Reluctant Stowaway).

    He was in the Navy (The Derelict).

    Dr. Smith starts his transition to cowardly villain in Welcome, Stranger, when he uses the phrase, "Oh, the pain, the pain."

    He mentions his Uncle Thaddeus and Aunt Matilda in Ghost in Space. Thaddeus discovered the Comstock Lode, obviously one of Smith's tall tales (Blast Off Into Space). Zac spent his summers on Thaddeus' farm (The Golden Man).

    He had an ancestor who was hanged for horse trading (The Space Trader)

    Dr. Smith is both Irish and Scottish on his mother's side. His mother's maiden name is Ruthven (The Astral Traveler).

    His great-grandfather was a Forty-Niner, someone working the California 1849 Gold Rush, not the football player (Blast Off Into Space).

    He starred in his college play (Space Circus).

    Zac and his cousin, Colonel Jeremiah Beauregard Smith, are fighting over their Aunt Maude's fortune (The Curse of Cousin Smith).

    Dr. Smith has eaten at the Royal Imperial Restaurant in Chinatown at least a dozen times, and loves its mandarin duck dish (The Astral Traveler).

    He has an aunt who lives on Nob Hill in San Francisco. Matilda or Maude? (The Astral Traveler)

    He will have a descendant who is an astronaut named Horatio Smith (Flight Into the Future).

    He likes pickled herring (The Time Merchant).

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