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    I have finished watching the first season DVDs. I had not seen the season in its entirety since the early 70s when Lost in Space first went into syndication. I noticed many details that I hadn't noticed as a child, both because I was paying attention to the continuity and because I've read a lot about the series as an adult. I have some questions and comments.

    In "No Place to Hide," the unaired pilot, Don is referred to as a doctor, although he's not a medical doctor. Judy, who is introduced as Judith, is 19, while Will is 9. Penny's age is never given, although she has a 140 IQ. It will take 98 years for the Robinsons' ship, the Gemini 12, to reach Alpha Centauri.

    In "The Reluctant Stowaway," the pilot that aired, Maureen becomes ill, and she also becomes ill in "The Oasis."

    Since Dr. Smith is now on the ship, he gets his own cabin. So who had to move out? Is Will bunking with Penny, or Penny bunking with Judy, or (doubtful because it's the 1960s) Judy bunking with Don? Or did Maureen and John have their own cabins, and they are now together? I'm not going to even begin to contemplate where Dr. Smith got his changes of clothes, much less his nightshirt....

    The planet's odd orbit was something I didn't pay attention to as a child, and I didn't realize until watching the show again that the orbit remains a problem throughout the entire season. That continuity was unusual for the 1960s, and the writers are to be commended for doing it.

    I always loved the music that is played when John or Don is flying with the jet pack. That music is heard nowhere else, which is unfortunate.

    There were a number of abandoned underground civilizations in the first season, plus one that was just beginning. Were all these civilizations once associated with each other? With the exception of "The Lost Civilization," the artifacts all looked Egyptian or Hindu. TLC was clearly borrowed from the 1930 art deco style of Buck Rogers, and the majordomo sure looked like Ming the Merciless! Someone suggested on the IMDb that these various communities probably died because of the planet's erratic orbit.

    This is just a fan fiction idea, but maybe the civilizations were all originally above ground, but then the orbit went haywire, so the people went underground, and later died out. The abandoned communities were shown in "There Were Giants in the Earth," "The Magic Mirror,"
    The Lost Civilization" and "Follow the Leader," while "My Friend, Mr. Nobody" was about a new entity in a cave.

    Other examples of continuity: In "There Were Giants," there was the giant Cyclops, while in "The Oasis," both Dr. Smith and Debby the Bloop ate fruit that temporarily made them huge. Perhaps the Cyclops was normal sized, and ate one of the mangos as well, which made him grow? There is also a giant egg in "Return from Outer Space" and a small lizard that becomes enormous in "The Keeper."

    In "The Sky is Falling" there must be a missing scene at the end. After the silent family leaves, John tells Will that giving the boy antibiotics cured his cold. John also called them Taurons. But there is no scene showing the little boy get well, or us learning what planet the family is from. Also, the closing credits give the mother, father and boy names, but they are never mentioned as well.

    In "Return from Outer Space," Will calls the planet Preplanis, but nowhere do you ever see anyone telling the Robinsons that is the planet's name. Yet in "The Sky Pirate" which aired later, Will doesn't know the planet's name.

    The Robinsons have three encounters with Earthling travelers, Jimmy Hapgood, Alonzo P. Tucker and the unnamed dog. I've always assumed that the planet is not that far from Earth, since the family meets others who are from there, or have visited there. Will mentions in the unaired pilot that it might be Cerberus that they are on (I assume he means a planet orbiting Cerberus, not the star itself).

    More continuity: In "The Keeper," all of the alien creatures from previous episodes show up in the zoo. In "The Space Croppers," Sybilla and her family cultivate the same giant plants that tried to eat Judy in an earlier episode. In "All That Glitters," Officer Bollux is also a Tauron, but he can talk.

    Final details: Dr. Smith calls Penny "Penelope" in "The Magic Mirror." In "Return from Outer Space," although it is never mentioned, it is just before Christmas, as there is a tree in the Simms' house and there are decorations around town.

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    I think the music used for the jetpack scenes comes from a film called 'Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef.' Bernard Hermann wrote it, and sometimes his music was used in 'Lost in Space.'

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    What I noticed from each episode, part one:

    No Place to Hide. It's implied that Alpha Control is in New Mexico, and that the Robinsons live there. At Alpha Control, both men and women are working at the computers and the reporters are of various races and from all over the world. The man providing the narration from Alpha Control is unnamed, and it isn't until the episode Return to Earth that we learn his name is Colonel Mason. The ship's name is Gemini 12. The Robinsons are to be in suspended animation for 98 years. Launch date is Oct. 16, 1977. According to The Time Merchant episode, the launch was in the evening. The ship crashes on a planet on June 3, 2001. When the story begins the family has lived there for six months (John's log is dated Dec. 3, 2001). They begin traveling across the planet on Dec. 5 and reach the jungle on Dec. 8. Note the Cyclops painting on the wall of the abandoned underground castle.

    The Reluctant Stowaway. The launch date this time is Oct. 6, 1997, and the family is to be in suspension for 5 1/2 years. The ship has been renamed Jupiter 2, and it is traveling beyond the Milky Way.

    The Derelict. Takes place on Oct. 21, 1997. Alpha Control mentions that sabotage is suspected in the loss of Jupiter 2. The bubble creature is unnamed in this episode, and it isn't until The Prisoners of Space that we learn its name is Judge Ico.

    Island in the Sky. The ship crash lands on a planet, and Penny finds the Bloop, which she names Debby.

    There Were Giants in the Earth. The vegetables are oversized, and so are the Cyclops and the tortoise that Penny rides. Dr. Smith switches from his uniform to the first of his turtleneck sweaters. The song that Will sings is "Greensleeves," with a slightly different melody. The family finds the underground castle, the first of the abandoned civilizations on this planet. The title comes from Genesis 6:4 "There were giants in the Earth in those days."

    The Hungry Sea. The chariot runs on solar batteries, and can be assembled, which explains how it can fit aboard Jupiter 2. Will again mentions that he thinks they are on Cerberus. How does no one notice Don hanging over the side of the chariot, even with its huge windows?

    Welcome, Stranger. The Robinsons meet their first fellow Earthling, Jimmy Hapgood, who had been aboard The Dogie when it left for Saturn on June 18, 1982. Will says he doesn't know the planet's name.

    My Friend, Mr. Nobody. Penny befriends the voice of a man in the cave, in the second of the underground civilization stories.

    Invaders from the Fifth Dimension. The aliens had heard of Earth. They think Will has a brilliant mind.

    The Oasis. The second episode featuring giants. This time Dr. Smith and Debby grow oversized. Why, with the extreme temperature rise, couldn't the Robinsons go back to the lake or the sea from the earlier episodes? How many times does Don get injured throughout the series?

    The Sky is Falling. The guest characters are never mentioned by name, and their planet is never mentioned, yet the closing credits call them Retho, Moela and Lunon, and John says they were from the planet Tauron. The Taurons leave behind their teleportation equipment.

    Wish Upon a Star. We see the flying, giggling jellyfish. Everyone else's new belongings fall apart, but not Dr. Smith's. After the wishing machine is taken away, Will wishes for an apple, and it appears, the second time that Will's incredible mind power is utilized.

    The Raft. There is a pun on this episode. "Faster than you can say 'John Robinson'" is based upon the saying "Faster than you can say 'Jack Robinson'"

    One of Our Dogs is Missing. The second Earthling that the Robinsons find is an unnamed beagle from a crashed ship. The dog is never seen again. The closing credits have become warped and out of tune.

    Attack of the Monster Plants. More huge items--large plants, cyclamen and a huge egg. We learn that the Jupiter 2 runs on nutronium.

    Return from Outer Space. Will uses the Taurons' matter transmitter to return to Earth, and he lands in Hatfield Corners, Hatfield County, Vermont. Will never seems to be cold even though it is Christmas time and there is snow on the ground. Will gives his planet a name, Preplanis. Sheila Matthews, in the first of her many LIS appearances, plays the county home representative Ruth. The switchboard operator, Daisy, is Helen Kleeb from The Waltons. Clara Simmons is played by Reta Shaw from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Why does no one ever take Penny's and Will's adventures seriously?

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    What I noticed from each episode, part two:

    The Keeper, parts one and two: The Keeper has taken the skunk cabbage, the Cyclops and the jellyfish for his zoo. A portion of this episode takes place on a Thursday in March.

    The Sky Pirate. Alonzo P. Tucker, who was born in 1848 and was abducted from Punxatawney, PA, in 1876, is the third Earthling that the Robinsons meet, and Will tells him he doesn't know the name of their planet. The episode takes place in 1998, which corresponds with it being March in the previous episodes.

    Ghost in Space. Judy has discarded her shirt and midi skirt for a knit jumpsuit that Maureen has sewn for her. All of the other characters also have new outfits. Dr. Smith has acquired a nightshirt and stocking cap. There is an oversized three-toed creature.

    War of the Robots. Penny is not in this episode. The voice of the other robot is the same unnamed man who voiced Mr. Nobody.

    The Magic Mirror. This episode runs parallel to War of the Robots. Penny meets a boy in the third underground cavern, accessibly only by a mirror.

    The Challenge. This episode is a few minutes shorter than the other ones on the DVD.

    The Space Trader. The language duplicator is the same as the wishing machine from Wish Upon a Star.

    His Majesty Smith. Notice that the royal music is similar to what John Williams would write 10 years later for Star Wars.

    The Space Croppers. Sybilla mentions that they have been to Earth. Why does no one ever ask all of the other aliens who have visited Earth how to get there?

    All That Glitters. This episode, with Maureen, Judy, Penny and Dr. Smith, is a fable based on the tale of King Midas. John, Don, Will and the Robot leave in the chariot looking for water. The closing credits are very quick.

    The Lost Civilization. This episode is about John, Don, Will and the Robot, and takes place at the same time as All That Glitters. It's the fourth episode about underground cavern with an abandoned civilization. The Major Domo is a parody of Flash Gordon's Ming the Merciless.

    A Change of Space. Judy tapes a recording for her cousin Joan.

    Follow the Leader. The fifth underground cavern episode, where you can see more Egyptian statues. The spirit in the cavern, named Canto, is from the planet Quasti.

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