Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 4

Hunter's Moon

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Sep 27, 1967 on CBS

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  • "Mercy is a defect"

    Kudos are greatly due to Beck, who manages to invest his character with a certain gravity and believability, despite the notably absurd costume (where the makeup stops just short of his eyes) and a high silliness quotient even for this series, as evidenced by the rolling rattling alien robot with the built-in calculator which vaguely resembles one of those PunchAClowns that I used to have when I was a kid. Judging from this display, apparently the producers would side solidly with Megazor in the belief that "Mercy is a defect.
  • This one is quite solid and exciting, my #4-ranked of the final season..6.0..

    This always, always a solid entry in my book. I have never heard anyone say they do NOT like this episode. It has quite a few very, very good things going on..mixed in with a couple not so good things. Overall though, it is a very solid and exciting adventure, in following with the pattern of (just about) the first handful of episodes of the final season. "Hunter's Moon" was actually only the second episode of the season filmed and produced, following the season opener, "Condemned Of Space." That would explain why Penny's hairstyle is right back where it was (long and straight) in the previously filmed story.

    Since this was, indeed, the second filmed episode of the season, one can argue that this is the first episode to use the 'Space Pod.' Recall that we first saw it last week in "Kidnapped In Space," but that story was actually filmed four episodes AFTER "Hunter's Moon." This episode is, therefore, a truly, truly very early Season Three installment (the second filmed). I have always liked it so well that there was a time back in high school days (around 1978 to 1980) that I considered "Hunter's Moon" as my very favorite episode of all. Of course, that is not nearly the case anymore, but still, this episode is a very, very exciting and worthwhile installment.

    I really have always liked guest star Vincent Beck as 'Megazor.' I actually always found him to be somewhat scary. Megazor means deadly serious business in this story, and Professor John Robinson certainly falls into real unfortunate and dire circumstances here. Like Robert says, however, the few Dr. Smith shenanigan scenes were most definitely undesirable and out of place in such a good episode. You really cannot help that this far into the series, of course. That kind of 'damage' had been done long before.

    The climactic fight scene near the end is one of my very favorite scenes of the entire series, accompanied by my very favorite Johnny Williams 'fight music' cue. This episode also actually has a decent final wrap, which is very rare this season. And as everyone knows, a good and meaningful ending ranks highly with me. "Hunter's Moon" finishes up with one of the four best endings this year. Speaking of the music, it is great and classic (mainly Johnny Williams) stuff throughout.

    Two other points worth mentioning are, one, this is the episode where we see the space travelers gradually turning out in their new (purplish, yellowish, greenish) Season Three outfits at various times throughout the story. I guess since they have now landed somewhere, they can discard their silver flight suits again. Also, this is the one and the only episode of the series to be written by a Jack Turley. That right there is very interesting so late into the series. In fact, this is the second week in a row with a brand new LOST IN SPACE writer, as Robert Hamner was the writer for "Kidnapped In Space" last week. Where is Barney Slater so far?

    I believe this to be my personal #4-ranked episode of the final season.