Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 24

Junkyard In Space

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Mar 06, 1968 on CBS

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  • How the series ended...

    In 1991, Innovation comics came out with a 12 issue arc that picked up were the final TV episode of Lost In Space ended, and ended up with the Robinsons on Alpha Centuri. The entire story arc was written by Bill Mumy, before he did B5, and it is a very satisfying ending to the TV series plotline.

    The comics were able to tell stories that the TV show never could, such as the conflict between Judy and Penny for Don's affections, once Penny experienced her sexual awakening, and it told the story of Dr. Smith's 14 Umbra organization, who turn out to be an alien terrorist organization. It turns out that an alien race from Alpha Centuri sent a ship to Earth which arrived in 1990. The military imprisoned the alien occupants of that ship and performed experiments on them. They also cannibalized the technology of the ship and used it in the Jupiter. Smith was supposed to destroy the Jupiter in retaliation of those events. When the Jupiter arrives on Alpha Centuri, Smith is arrested and is going to be executed for failing his mission to destroy the Jupiter. What saves everyone's lives is that the Robinsons figure out how to use some ancient time-travel equipment on Alpha Centuri, that their scientists have never figured how to use. This becomes the setup for another 12 issue story arc that never finished because half way through it, Innovation went out of business. Mumy promised to finish the story but never did.
  • the last episode

    For what was orginally a adventure show {and a space age version of "Swiss Family Robinson} the series got more camp and expensive. Despite a 1998 film that had three of the orginal cast and a anticipated 2003 TV Series, this series never answear the cliffhanger of the Robinsons trying to get complete their mission.