Lost in Space

Season 2 Episode 19

Mutiny in Space

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 01, 1967 on CBS

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  • Doctor Smith and Will come across a space \\\\\\\"seaman\\\\\\\" who is after another seaman who betrayed him. He takes them off to space, while the Robinsons try to get them back.

    This is one of the most ordinary of the Lost In Space stories, which is really little more than a one-joke episode, that being a take on \"Mutiny And The Bounty\", and, in particular, the guest actor\'s obvious attempt to do a take on Charles Laughton\'s peformance in that particular film. There are no thrills here, but neither are there any laughs; it\'s just a lot of overdone performances, seemingly trying to rely just on its basic premise. It fails badly. There\'s really very little to be gained from the whole enterprise. Certainly one of the worst of all Lost In Space stories.
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