Lost in Space

Season 1 Episode 0

No Place To Hide

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Unknown on CBS

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  • Original Pilot

    This was the original pilot for Lost In Space. The name of the Ship is different, as well as Mrs. Robinson actually having a doctorate and Judy having an official job as well. The studio had many things reshot and added Dr. Smith for flavor.
  • Attempting to ease the earth's overcrowding, the Gemini 12 and her crew seek to colonize the Alpha Centauri system. After being thrown off course by a meteor storm, the space ship and her crew are hopelessly lost in space. Thus the adventures begin.

    I really enjoyed watching the "state of art" special effects: the spaceship's blastoff, the meteor bombardment, the crash landing, the domesticated alien animals, the jetpack, the ancient civilization with its scary mummy, and the inland sea with its whirlpool. For their day, I am sure they were captivating.

    But my favorite scenes of all are the two with the giant cyclops. Now that is a great monster! The way Don says, "I don't believe it," with trembling fear in his voice couldn't be more convincing.

    Therefore, I rank this episode rather highly. It remains highly entertaining, even after 40 plus years since its production.
  • Wrong shapship name

    The narrator of sorts says the ship in the unaired pilot is Gemini 12 not Jupiter 2
    I wonder if that was a mistake or is it in fact was originally going to be called the gemini 12 and changed it to Jupiter 2 for the series ? Does anyone know ?