Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 17

Princess Of Space

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Jan 10, 1968 on CBS

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  • Penny becomes a space princess!

    The episode is nothing great but it's entertaining and true to the factors about one wants to see Lost in Space. The episode has some things unusual like having the guest stars began the story instead of some members of the Robinson family. Also, Dr. Smith didn't appear but more than 10 minutes later. Another thing that I liked about the episode is that it's a "Penny" episode and that's rare when usually Will, Dr. Smith and the Robot are the key characters. They made a lot of stuff in this episode but Penny made the key character, even the actress Angela Cartwright played another character too as the real space princess using a blonde wig.
  • all fantasy no science fiction

    all in all not that bad. this one was for all the little sisters that were forced to watch week after week by their older brothers. good performance by angela cartwright. the best thing was the guest appearance by arte johnson
  • The plot for this episode sounded a lot better than the actual result. Penny (Angela Cartwight) becomes captured aboard a ship run by a pirate who wants tomake her , his personal own princess.

    Overall, this was a really silly episode
    classic of what Lost in Space was part
    Children's tv show. Penny's capture don't
    really look that menancing, their the
    typical cheap effects they used (characters
    popping in and out). The acting was ok
    but the dialogue was incredibly cheesy,
    especially with all this princess/high
    class chat. This is not really a scifi
    episode like the other ones, but comedic.