Lost in Space

Season 1 Episode 15

Return From Outer Space

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Dec 29, 1965 on CBS

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  • This episode is a lot of fun to watch and the fact that Dr. Smith takes a holiday really is appealing.

    NASA apparently started backing away from this series when they discovered the show's inability to get the science right. Carbon Tet (as they call it on the show) is a great solvent apparently to preserve food! However, all in all the usual gaping plot holes are handled very nicely here. The machine is in bad shape to begin with and is destroyed in the end sealing up that plot device. Will handles himself pretty well in a town that has an overwhelming amount of orphans that just seem to pop up everywhere. We now even have a planet name and a distance (however absurd both concepts are since the are apparently (LOST IN SPACE) Nevertheless, it's a great episode that doesn't depend on Dr. Smith's routine.