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  • I guess I watched because I was kid. It was silly and goofy and fairly good in its day...

    When I watched reruns in the late 70s when my hormones were raging I always wanted to bend Judy over the piano, if you know what I mean. When she was in her spacesuit she was smoking hot.

    I always wondered why Major West didnt do her? I mean was he gay? Was there a single time when Don kissed a woman or even showed interest? Was he a eunuch? Don seemed to be John Robinson toadie - similar to Robins role in Batman. I suppose maybe John Robinson told Don he would tear him in half if he deflowered Judy.

    And what about poor Wil and Penny? Those two in the throes of full blown puberty with nothing but each other? Ok, thats downright creepy. Id better stop here.

    And dont even get me started about Dr Smith who was always making eyes at Wil Robinson. I suspect that when Robot was waving his claws around wailing "Danger Wil Robinson!" he was talking about Dr. Smith. Whatever the case Dr. Smith was even gayer than Major West. In fact if the series was filmed today Im sure Smith and West would be in a domestic partnership seeking to adopt Wil. Dr. Smith is widely regarded as the first Gay character in space.

    All in all its a childhood memory and its better left there.
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