Lost in Space

CBS (ended 1968)





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  • Campy now, but total fun as a kid!

    I loved this show, and remember vividly how my friends and I would play Lost in Space. We would turn their raised outdoor patio into the main deck of the space ship, and their built-in BBQ was the perfect cockpit. The platform entry way into the house was just big enough for us to fit three imaginary freezing tubes on it! Lucky there were only ever three of us on that ship, or someone would have had to die...!
    We dressed their Scottish terrier up to be the chimp "Judy", and made their little brother, who was a huge pest, be the robot and get ordered around! We didn't have a "Dr. Smith" because everyone knew he was just a big poopyhead!
    I finally got the DVD set, but am waiting for a weekend to myself so I can have my own LIS marathon; an escape meant to harken back to the good old days...