Lost in Space

CBS (ended 1968)





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  • Lost In Space was one of the coolest shows on television. The Robinson family getting lost in space thanks to Doctor Smith and usually when they do get a chance to get home it gets messed up thanks to Doctor Smith.

    A character like Dr. Smith is one of a kind. The funny things that he said and did on this show were priceless. He was so funny when he would get mad at the robot. The names he would call him were hilarious. As for the other characters, Will was a really smart kid. I always liked that character. Penny was a pretty interesting character also. John and Maureen were the parents and they were pretty nice but to be honest, the show could have been o.k. without them. Most episodes revolved around Dr. Smith, Will, the robot, and sometimes Penny. Don West was a pretty interesting character. He was a hot head sometimes and he really couldn't stand Dr. Smith. This was always funny to watch. The oldest daughter Judy was barely used and I really can't say much about her since she never did much on the show. But really, this show was a favorite of mine. I really loved it.
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