Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 21

Space Beauty

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 14, 1968 on CBS

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  • Space Doodie

    Jackson Gillis, the man who gave us such greats as "My Freind Mr. Nobody" and "The Magic Mirror" penned his third episode in a series of clinkers. Either Mr. Gillis stopped caring at this point, or was spending too much time around Bob and Wanda Duncan.

    Why he felt the need to bring back his odious Farnum B. character from "A Day at the Zoo" is beyond me. This one confirms my LIS postulate that Any episode with Leonard Stone in it stinks. Just my two " squandros" worth....
  • farnum b makes another appearence after the dismal 'a day at the zoo". there is too much farnum b and not enough crew.

    the best thing about this one is the banter between dr. smith and farnum b. they are like two queens with hands and mouths flapping endlessly. judy gets to be featured for a change, but there is not much judy. farnum b has a contract with a deadly dictator of a hostle planet to produce a beauty queen . dr. smith then forges the contract even when judy doesn't want to participate. of course smith is getting paid (where would he spend this money anyway). he also makes the robot a contestant by dressing him up with a wig and a boa around his bubble. he is know as "miss mechanical marvel" he also has a woman's voice with a bronx accent. well judy wins and has to go away forever with the flaming (literally) dictator. a rain machine saves the day as the aliens flame out when it starts to snow (confetti). kind of a stinker.
  • clearly running out of ideas

    mysterious aliens running a galaxy beauty pageant with the aid of farnum b arrive at the planet the robinsons call home. farnum b and his agent round up all the female creatures on the planet. it should be noted that the robinsons had no idea all the other creatures were on the planet. the aliens have an eye for judy. finally a judy episode. reused creatures and noticeably the dragon compete in the pageant with a reluctant judy. dr smith enters the robot too ! more silliness! the mysterious alien is actually made of fire which is extinguished by snow created by the robinsons weather machine. an enjoyable episode.