Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 10

Space Creature

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Nov 15, 1967 on CBS

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  • One of the finest in all of Lost in Space.

    The power core of the Jupiter 2 is strangely symbolic in this episode: A symbol of thesubconscious, where the darkest fears lurk and must be confronted, also symbolic of the \\\"power core\\\" of one\\\'s being.

    As Dr. Smith puts it: \\\"Who knows what unspeakable horrors lurk in the nether regions of the ship.\\\" The power core, as a never before seen part of the ship, is aptly symbolic as a \\\"never before seen\\\" part ofone\\\'s mind.

    It is also there that Dr. Smith introduces the audience to that Freudian concept: the id: the primitive subconscious
    \\\" The most savage, most primitive kid in the universe!\\\"

    Memorable lines from this scene:

    Dr. Smith ( aka the Space Creature possessing him): I\\\'m your ID!

    Will: My what?

    Dr. Smith: ID! I-D ID!

    Will: You can\\\'t scare me with your big words!

    The Space Pod gets some exciting moments in this episode ( as well as a pivotal part in the storyline). For the first time the Space Pod is seen RETURNING to the Jupiter 2 in a riveting scene. Truly a ghostly, Halloween episode, especially when Will suddenly discovers his Dad has vanished in the Space Pod (cleverly emphasized when the \\\'mountain climber\\\' rope tied between Will and his Dad suddenly goes limp). The \\\'blazing sun\\\' music first used with dramatic effect in \\\'The Hungry Sea\\\' is stunningly powerful here. Some aspects of this episode that are hard to explain: Seen from the outside, the Jupiter 2 hardly looks large enough to include a third level like the power core, which looks even more spacious than the upper and lower levels of the spaceship. Also, how could Will and Dr. Smith enter the power core level without incurring radiation poisoning, and why would Prof. Robinson order Will to do something that dangerous? It seems to me they should have protective suits on when going into that part of the ship.

    Also, how does Prof. Robinson\\\'s cup of coffee manage to stay intact on top of the control panel without spilling all over the place during the Jupiter 2\\\'s shakeups encountered in its orbit of the alien planet?