Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 6

Space Destructors

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Oct 11, 1967 on CBS

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  • How many Smiths is too many Smiths?

    While this episode is far from serious (even by Lost In Space standards), it is memorable.

    Dr. Smith finds an alien device that produces cyborg clones of himself and naturally he decides that he will use his army to rule the universe. Of course things do not work out as he had planned but it is still entertaining to see all of the Zachary look-alikes.

    The highpoint of the episode however is when Will falls into the cyborg machine and comes out with Dr. Smith's head. It isn't an exact match but is close enough to be truly weird and hilarious.

    There are better Lost In Space episodes but this is one you will remember.
  • Dr. Smith finds a machine that creates beings. He is going to make clones of himself to become the ruler of the univerese. Capturing Will and the Robot, he challanges his army to battle with John and Don.

    While this episode isn't really the best,the series has to offer. This one somewhat silly,with the "clones" as lookalikes of Dr. Smith is laughably silly.
    The machine that makes the clones like a crazy roll cutter.
    When Will becomes a cybog (complete with Dr. Smith's Head),is more embaressing to watch.
    The fight sences was exciting and the one with John and Don fighting the clones was the best.Seems like when John fights the clones in the cave was getting monotonous.
    One final thought: The series went from serious adventure to silly camp.This was one of the lesser of the adventures of Lost in Space.