Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 15

The Anti-Matter Man

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Dec 27, 1967 on CBS

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  • John and Don go into a anti-matter universe. It is up to Will and Robot to get them out. A good episode but not great.

    When I was ten this episode was thrilling. Now 43 years later it is a bore. Anti-matter and matter mixed would be cause for a destructive situation. Boom would be more suitable. Still this was a more senseable episode. No really patheic looking monsters. I mean when you are 10 it all looks totally different. Your mind is much more wide open than when your 53. Still this, Space 1999, Star Trek,Space Academy all were fantastic back then. Now they look more plastic than future. Little things not noticed 50 years ago stand out now. Still these shows shaped many destinies and lives. I will always watch because the little boy in me will always want too.
  • There's potential here but it's let down by "style over substance"; the substance being ignored.

    Guy Williams and Mark Goddard put in EXCEPTIONAL performances as their evil counterparts.

    The anti-world costuming is great and is a refreshing change from those horrid pastel Easter marshmallow peeps colors, as are the sets. Even care was put into the anti-world Robot prop.

    But consider these:

    Anti-matter John Robinson says they've been waiting for a window for thousands of years. If they are in a parallel dimension, the time term used is ludicrous.

    A scene reveals a scar going all around Anmtimatter John Robinson's head. WHY? While it evokes horror, it is left unexplained. Was it an attempt to do too much with the storyline? Or mindless horror, haphazardly thrown in?

    These drawbacks alone throw spanners into what could otherwise be the finest episode ever - and don't get me wrong, I would be compelled to say this is the best episode ever anyway. In terms of content, potential, and an average episode of how the series works too.
  • finally a good episode

    classic battle between good and evil. good performances by guy williams and mark goddard. loved the scene at the dinner table. anti matter professor to maureen " don't you and judy have something to do in the galley" hilarious. why no anti matter dr smith or will? the anti matter robot scene" if it weren't for you ii couldn't be me", " get out of here punk" were classic. i loved the fight on the bridge between the two worlds. once again all ends well till next week.
  • one of the best. doesn't have much camp value, but is well acted throughout.

    finally, good acting from both guy williams and mark goddard. pretty good plot about a parallel world where duplicates of prof. robinson and major west are switched with the real ones. the best scene is when john is at the dinner table and is real mean to the crew, maureen is stunned at this behavior. they send dr. smith to be a shrink to the good professor, when this fails to work, smith, the robot and will follow the doubles into the parallel world. the robot has a good scene where he sees rocks moving and he stutters with fear. the end is a classic good vs evil fight between the clones and the real john and don. there is even an evil twin of the robot. good stuff.
  • Rocks on the Move

    One of the best episodes of the series. Kind of a mix between the Star Trek episodes "The Enemy Within" and the "Alternative Factor". Guy Williams and Mark Goddard finally have something to do in this episode besides being exasperated at Smith.

    You've got to wonder what the series would have been like had the series not been taken over by the Will, Dr. Smith, Robot "troika".

    BTW, when Will and the Robot first visit the anti-matter world and are "attacked" by the moving rocks, if you look closely you can CLEARLY see the shadow of one of the stage hands pushing one of the rocks.
  • All Time Favorite

    This is my all time favorite episode. Professor Robinson gets zorked into a negative dimension where there are negative duplicates of him, Don and the Robot. The evil professor swaps places with John and its up to Will the robot and Dr. Smith to save the day by freeing the good professor and fighting it out on the invisible walkway of doom.