Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 15

The Anti-Matter Man

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Dec 27, 1967 on CBS

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  • one of the best. doesn't have much camp value, but is well acted throughout.

    finally, good acting from both guy williams and mark goddard. pretty good plot about a parallel world where duplicates of prof. robinson and major west are switched with the real ones. the best scene is when john is at the dinner table and is real mean to the crew, maureen is stunned at this behavior. they send dr. smith to be a shrink to the good professor, when this fails to work, smith, the robot and will follow the doubles into the parallel world. the robot has a good scene where he sees rocks moving and he stutters with fear. the end is a classic good vs evil fight between the clones and the real john and don. there is even an evil twin of the robot. good stuff.
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