Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 22

The Flaming Planet

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 21, 1968 on CBS



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    • Will: We have one chance, Dr. Smith. If Dad's plan works, our entry into the planet's atmosphere will set the vegetation on the ship on fire, killing it.
      Dr. Smith: And possibly us in the bargain! Suppose the gravitational pull of this unknown world is too strong for us?
      Don: In that case, Smith, your miserable life will come to a merciful end.

    • Will: Dad, why would they want to attack us? We told them we were friendly.
      Dr. Smith: (wearily) Ahhh, William! In the hostile environment of space there are no reasonable explanations.

    • Don: (after the Sobram missile attacks against the Jupiter 2 have stopped) Did you know I once studied to be an architect?
      : Now that's much too dangerous an occupation, Major. You fall off a forty story building, and whamo!

    • Sobram: (on Dr. Smith as a potential opponent in a war game) He certainly has the look of a dirty fighter.

    • Will: I just can't imagine Dr. Smith volunteering to go down on that planet with Don.
      Robot: It is completely against Dr. Smith's normal behavior pattern of stark terror.
      John: If we could find the means Don used to convince him, we should bottle it.

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