Lost in Space

Season 2 Episode 3

The Ghost Planet

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Sep 28, 1966 on CBS

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  • Space Control Gal

    Dont mind a woman in charge and the Space Control chick is hot. I wanna stick my thingy in one of her pipes :)
  • This is a very solid script, a 5.6 official score, and ranked at #16 on the young season..

    Well, it is the famous "Gate double one five" (GATE 115) episode. The entire script for this episode is out there at some web site somewhere. Back when I was doing the detailed episode script and commentaries, Ray D. (one of his five favorite episodes of all) and David G. took the script (with permission, of course) and uploaded it at their LISMEMORIES web site. David also added screen grabs to follow along. It actually looks and works very nicely. I was just trying to find it, but it would not pull up. The site may be under construction.

    Anyway..this is episode #3 on the young Season Two, and things are played highly straight so far. There is no hint of what is to come not far down the road. Peter Packer's script for "The Ghost Planet" is all excellently written dialog. The entire episode is very solid, although this is more of a middle-of-the-road episode for the season. Nothing really stands out as fantastic, but in that same regard, absolutely nothing is cringe-worthy or near terrible. Probably the closet thing to cringe-worthy is how easily the alien cyborgs are stopped..with a simple karate chop..and they sound like hollow tin cans lol. I have always considered this episode to be your 'basic' LOST IN SPACE episode. Some people love it. I do not think anyone could 'hate' it.

    This is the very first episode that we see the infamous 'yellow landing circle' that the Jupiter 2 lands in. From here on out, every time the Jupiter 2 makes a 'soft landing,' with its landing legs extended, they are landing in the (stock footage, go figure) yellow circle. However, every other time would be way over in the final Season Three.

    We see Professor John Robinson and Major West in their white Ts in this one, a B&W Season One regularity, and always a cool treat.

    Peter Packer has now done five of the first nine episode anniversaries on the season, and although this is a solid script, it is also the 'weakest' (if you will) sister of the trio of anniversary episodes this week. We know that B&W Season One is superior, and we also know that yesterday's anniversary episode, Season Three's "Hunter's Moon" is a real goodie..even though it has more silly moments than the more straight forward "The Ghost Planet."

    Overall, "The Ghost Planet" is an official 5.6 for me, and ranked at #16 out of the thirty colored Season Two episodes..just a notch and a tad below last week's "Wild Adventure." The two episodes are extremely close rivalries.