Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 23

The Great Vegetable Rebellion

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 28, 1968 on CBS

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  • Ok, I'm sorry, but this was just BAD.

    I don't know how it gets worse than this. I am the world's biggest fan of Lost In Space, but really... talking carrots? After watching The Great Vegetable Rebellion, I didn't eat carrots for two years! (Yes, I'm completely and utterly serious.) I have to say, though, even if it was an awful plot with a terrible script and, of course, those wonderful special effects, it was very true to the spirit of Lost In Space. Just crazy, ridiculous fun. If anything, I got a good laugh out of Tybo, and the people-eating lettuce.

    But still. As far as actually GOOD? No way. As far as fun? Definitely.
  • Historically Awful

    This episode has gone down in television history as one of the worst things ever created. Dr. Smith goes down to a planet to get the robot flowers for his birthday. While picking the flowers Dr. Smith is captured and turned into a giant celery stalk by a walking talking carrot that is the king of all the plants.
  • Silly but eminently enjoyable! I can't fathom why people hate this one.

    Why do people hate this story so?! No wonder Guy Williams and June Lockhart were having troubles trying to conceal their giggling, this episode is one I'd actually introduce TO potential fans. It's so novel, yet so off the wall and outrageously funny and knows, unlike many episodes from the previous seasons, how to work within its limitations and not end up looking terribly dated, kitschy, or pastiche. This one is genuine fun. Never mind some double entendres that should have had the CBS execs pulling it from the airwaves (note the scene where Willoughby starts nibbling at leafy bits from Dr Smith (who had just been transmogrified into a gigantic stick of celery). They really get away with a lot and I was unstoppably rolling once they started talking about seeds, good grief!!!) This episode is a total riot to watch, and despite the behind-the-scenes issues it actually feels coherently put together. 10/10 and I'd rate it higher if I could!
  • Jonathan Harris was quoted in "Lost in Space Forever" as this being the most campy ridiculous episode of the series ever released.

    It is now a legend in that the script writer was exhausted for ideas and didn't have another idea in his head. It is a must watch and a quality download for the LIS fans. The giant carrot and Doctor Zachary Smith running around like a plant was too much to bear.
  • After watching it for the first time in 20 years, not to bad.

    I remember years ago cringing at this episode and then hearing Johnathan Harris saying it was the worse, but you know after watching it on DVD, it is not as bad as I remembered. I know of worse episodes during season 2, the questing beast for one. I know Mark Goddard has a hard time keeping a straight face while talking to the carrot, that is why you see he looking behind him and all around.
  • The silliest episode of a silly series

    TV Guide, however, listed it #79 of the 100 Best Episodes of All Time, ourranking "City on the Edge of Forever" from Star Trek. I think they were being facetious. This episode offended me even as a child.
  • In search of a lovely floral arrangement for the robot (naturally!), the space castaways encounter talking vegetation

    Often mentioned as the complete nadir of the series, this is actually in some ways its finest. Yes, the costumes are rather poor, but certainly no worse than most of the others used in the series. Frankly the concept behind the episode, while not a new one, is one of the better scenarios used in the programme. The episode never stops entertaining its audience either, which is far more than what can be said about most of the mid-season episodes of Season 2. One does not watch "Lost in Space" in search of a new "Citizen Kane," one watches to have fun. Easily the most fun episode of the programme's entire run. As another reviewer commented, I too would show this episode before any other to someone who hadn't seen the series in years just to show them it really was as ridiculously silly and entertaining as they remember it.
  • the ultimate camp classic of the series. it's so bad it's good. this is the one about the giant carrot.

    some people say this is the worst show of the series, in my opinion that honor goes to "space vikings" from the second season. highlights include mark goddard barely keeping a straight face while talking to the carrot. the crew hacking away at the plants and vines while hearing cries and screams from the "feeling" plants, maureen is horrified. dr. smith as a celery stalk is amusing. tybo the carrot man carries on as if were in a vying for an oscar (for bad acting). the episode is what it is.
  • It`s totally cheesy but true to the spirit of the Lost in Space tv series

    It's one of the most cheesy episodes of the whole series but it's also one with one of the most memorable characters since many people that don't know about Lost in Space or even like the series, they at least know that there was a carrot-man in the series. It's a must see episode. Also, it's one of the few eps where you can see Judy having a lot of dialogue and part of the action.
  • I love this episode and i dont know why people dont like it. I love Tybo the giant carrot.

    I love this episode and i dont know why people dont like it. I love Tybo the giant carrot. there are many episodes that are worse than this one like the dream monster (this is the whorst episode) and there are many that arnt as good as this lovely episode.
  • a the best episode of the third season

    the great vegetable rebellion has always been one of my favorite episodes of the third season. the silliness, campy plots and absurd aliens typify what this season was all about. yes its bad but so bad its good in the way the show progressed. from the robot cake to the plant voices and tybo, willoughby and dr smith transformed into celery,campy to the point of having the main shut off saying just that. classic LIS. .