Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 7

The Haunted Lighthouse

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Oct 18, 1967 on CBS

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  • j5 comes aboard the j2 in another great episode from season 3. this one has heart.

    the jupiter 2 bumps (literaly) into a weather station manned by col. bogus, i mean fogey. before they get there, they pick up a strange looking kid named j5 with a little invisible kitty. of course penny takes a liking to him, while will thinks he's bogus. i guess billy mumy couldn't stand all the attention he wasn't getting, especally from dr. smith who was more interested in the gold on j5's planet. we finally find out col. fogey is not only an old fogey but a bogus fogey. turns out fogey was really a cook, not the colonel.. anyways, in the end j5 becomes the new crew member of the weather station so the fogester isn't alone anymore. the highlight is the j2 crew at the elaborate dinner fogey prepared for them. another good scene is the kitty (it turns into a beautiful woman) tries to seduce dr. smith with jewels (that works) and her beauty (that never works). all in all a good one.
  • the date given by the computer in the lighthouse is september 18 1997 for the jupitor 2 liftoff it should have been october 16 1997

    some one else caught the missing gloves why nobody caught the date is a mystery to me maybe im wrong i have the whole dvd set and went back and checked and the wrong date is give this should have been in the trivia or error section but when i tied to enter it there it took me to a web screen no place to fill in data so i tried here and it let me enter it if you can move it the proper place do so i cant seem to get it to work i need 100 words so im still here typing to get what i need also did you know that the robot only said danger will robinson once in the entire series in the last season cant remember what epasode i think you can find it with a google searxh