Lost in Space

Season 1 Episode 16

The Keeper (pt 1)

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Jan 12, 1966 on CBS

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  • The coming of Batman

    This episode aired at the VERY same time slot, that the premere episode of batman that night,was royally clobbered in the ratings, as batman was an instant mega next day,it was batman that ALL the kids from first grade to 12th, were talking didn't take long for the powers that be producing LOS,to go camp, to try to lure the batfans. if either show had a different air time, things would have been different for were up some extremly tough had to have been one of the very few from my school that night,who only turned it to batman during the commercials.
  • This is a great example where good acting can compensate for a mediocre script.

    Michael Reenie is fantastic as the keeper in a typical animal collection story that somehow has to have the earth people to add to his collection only to find out that captivity won't work. This was done with the Cage on Star Trek, "War Of the Robots" adds the same plot device -- which follows this episode. I have seen it even on Superman TAS. So we have nothing new here. Dr. Smith is a throwaway character that actually gets in the way of interesting family dynamics that could be explored. If someone of lesser quality played the keeper we would call it one of the worst episodes of the series.
  • The Robinsons encounter "The Keeper", an alien that collects spieces from different planets for his zoo. He is interested in add a couple humans to this collection...

    This was one of my favorite episodes. It shows what can happen when they had good writers. Michael Rennie was excellent as "The Keeper". So why does he want Will and Penny for his collection? You would think that he would have chosen Don and Judy since they would be obvious mates in his zoo. But The Keeper does explain why he has not chosen them or Maureen and John. He wants two specimens that would be young enough to adapt to his zoo. The others have that urge to be free ingrained in them that they would continually cause him trouble by trying to escape. Smith is, as always, working his way back to earth by trying to supply The Keeper with his prize in order to hitch a ride!