Lost in Space

Season 1 Episode 9

The Oasis

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Nov 10, 1965 on CBS

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  • The Downfall

    This is where we start to see the silly temper tantrums and super effeminate behaviour of Dr. Smith. I use to love this episode but now when I watch it all I see is the beginnings of the shows changes to silliness and stupidity.

    The basis of a drought and the family searching for water is great but the heavy plot stops there. Dr. Smith and Debbie eat some strange fruit and grow giant sized. Dr.Smith becomes a pain in the rump and plans revenge on the Robinson's for his change and Debbie is just well... a monkey with a bad hat.
  • A really bad installment, not nearly enough story to fill out an hour of television and the campiness doesn't help here.

    Drought on the planet causes the group to collect alien fruit, however it causes Debbie and Dr. Smith to grow to colossal size.

    There is really very little to recommend here, the opening scene of an avalanche goes no where other than create a cliffhanger before the commercial. There is a chuckle when Dr. Smith takes a shower with the last water collected by the Jupiter 2's reclamation units, his selfishness is nicely comedic. However, then, the episode just doesn't have any material. There is a long search down a dry stream bed, Smith stumbling out of camp in a huff twice, interminable scenes of the Robinson women feeling sad and guilty that he's gone, and Smith's predictable rants when he grows to great size.

    The dialog is pretty deadful and hopelessly stretched out, Dr. Smith's tantrums are mostly pointless and tedious, and there is so much repetition that's it's hard to continue to pay attention. By some miracle with no explanation, a rainstorm solves all the installment's problems.

    "Lost in Space" has a lot of cheesy episodes, some can be fun to laugh at for a variety of reasons. This entry doesn't even meet those standards as it spins its wheels with no story to tell.
  • Some rough spots, but over-all, I like it.

    In this episode, we see some of the comedic robot and Dr. Smith that will become the staple of the color episodes.

    Here, there's a great scene where, during water rationing, Smith is seen by John and Don, taking a shower. The robot is holding the spigot, and the two of them are joyously singing opera. I love the banter between Don and Dr. Smith at this point. Don yells at Smith, asking him how he got the water. Smith answers and says that he used suction to get the water out of the tank. West asks Smith if he used suction to steal gas from cars as a teenager. Smith says "I was never a teenager in your sense of the word". West's answer: "I'm glad to hear that because I'd owe them all an apology if you were!"

    In searching for Water, Dr. Smith pretends to be ill and is asked to return to the Jupiter 2. The others go on, and discover some fruit that, if safe to eat, will help them with their water problem.

    Smith, not knowing the fruit hadn't been tested, commences to eat it. When they tell him it hadn't been tested, he concludes that they left it there for him to see on purpose. He says that they knew that he would eat it and they'd be rid of him. In his anger, he leaves the camp, but plots their demise. He steals the rest of the water and takes a vital piece of equipment from the water purifier. He buries it where they'll never find it. Instead of dying, the fruit's effect is to make people huge. Debby the blimp also ate of the fruit and she grew huge as well. Maureen finally convinces Dr. Smith to return to the Jupiter Two. She also applies psychology to get him to reveal where he buried the vital piece of equipment. In the end, rain falls and somehow causes Debbie and Dr. Smith to return to normal size.

    I loved some of the camera angles in this one. I always enjoyed the night scenes, particularly where Will and Penny were looking for Dr. Smith. I also liked the dramatic scene where Smith enters what he thinks will be his last words onto a tape recorder and buries the tape in a mound. A really effective scene.

    Illogical things: To begin with, how is it that the clothes grew in size along with the person? When he wakes up, they don't show him having used giant leaves or something to cover himself up. He is simply wearing the same, albeit much larger, clothes. Also, it is never explained why rainwater reverses the process and causes them to shrink.
  • One of the worst episodes of the series. Just painful.

    Did Johnathan Harris go on a hunger strike for this episode? Not only is he dominating the conversation, but even when he is not around everyone talks about him. They are in the middle of a water crisis, Dr. Smith destroys the entire water supply and they still have heartfelt emotion about this sadistic self-destructive individual. This might have worked for laughs but the tone was serious. Why do they keep this person around? Peter Packer is actually a good writer. Why did he find it so hard to focus on family dynamics and instead focus entirely on Dr. Smith. Was this a test episode to explore Dr. Smith more, or was it rewritten to incorporate the more campy aspects of Dr. Smith? I don't know but it was one of the most painful hours of my life. I kept hoping it would improve but it never did.
  • During a drought, the Robinsons discover a spring that harbors strange fruit. Those who eat it grow to an enormous size, as Dr. Smith and Debbie find out.

    This episode is full of scientifically and physically impossible achievements........pure fodder for all of you trivia hounds. Yet that is exactly why I enjoy this series. It is fun to both laugh and frustrate myself with the ludicrous events that unfold, such as the ridiculous idea of seven people being able to survive for 14 days on just a few gallons of water, or the mysterious “growing shoes and clothes” which gargantuan Zachary adorns. But in the end, Dr. Smith learns his lesson and everyone is once again full of generous smiles and abounding love for one another. Until the next episode….
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