Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 19

The Promised Planet

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Jan 24, 1968 on CBS

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  • A picture of the Beatles can be seen on the wall in the center room

    A excellent episode that real depicts the sixties counter
    culture. This is the only Lost In Space episode that real
    shows that the entire series was made in this late sixties. The whole episode centers around the younger hippie youth rebelling against the older generation. Clearly, the episode was written for the younger generation for the sole purpose of showing how out of touch the elders are with how things have changed and as Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan) would say "The times they are a change'in" I love the real groovy music that plays throughout the episode. It's far out man!!!! This is one of my favorite Lost In Space episodes.

    Watch for the picture of the Beatles on the wall !!!!

    John Senchak
  • dr. smith doing the frug in a wig and beads.

    the crew of the j2 land on the planet delta which is run by teenagers. this psuedo psychedelic episode is a camp classic, complete with that fake 60's dance music. don't they ever change the record ? at one point the music comes over the loadspeakers of the j2 and the adults, especially maureen covers their ears in horror, she proclaimes " oh what's that horrible sound". they separated the adults from will and penny and penny starts to get into that groovy beat. will on the other hand doesn't dig it. meanwhile dr. smith turns into a hippy. the best part comes when dr. smith enters one of the space hippy's "pad" and starts to dance (badly) to that catchy same beat. the ending really doesn't matter because it all makes no sense.
  • i missed the beatles picture on the wall

    another one i didn't remember. as usual the j2 landed in the circle ( twice). teenage aliens separate the youngers from the olders. penny and will are subjected to indoctrination with really awfull psychedelic music. sorry judy you didn't make the cut. will doesn't dig it but penny starts to and i have to say penny was a good dancer. dr smith gets involved and plays a bad version of a hippie. the olders memory's are erased. this episode was representative of the what mainstream tv thought the 60's were about. i'm sure young teenagers at the time thought it was cool. i loved the aliens antenna coming out of their ears. the memory incense cones will gives to professor robinson save the day. will and penny are rescued . the end.

  • Freaky man, real freaky!

    Space hippies, West Point cadet uniforms, claxon horns and flashing lights, go-go music, indoctrination booths AND Dr. Smith in a wig and beads. As some have said, the story makes absolutely no sense. No problem, just go with it. Because this is Lost In Space insanity at it's best. A real gas, man.