Lost in Space

Season 1 Episode 12

The Raft

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Dec 01, 1965 on CBS

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  • The Lost In Space Episode "The Raft" does show the Reactor Chamber as the bathesphere used on Voyage To The Bottom Of the Sea, but that was a touch of genious...

    The Raft was a great episode!!!! In my book \\\"Jupiter Two Propulsion Specifications\\\" I show how that Reactor Chamber was placed into the Engine Room seen on the LIS episode \\\"The Raft\\\". Goto http://www.technafantasia.com. There you will see drawings and such on the Jupiter II Propulsion System and Engine cutaway drawings. The Jupiter Two spacecraft was design of pure sci-fi genious. Even though critics would disagree as to the physical structuring and dimensions as to the Ships Layout, the drawing you will see clearly shows a strong pheasibility to the placement of the Reactor Chamber used to process the deutronium fuel. This was the 1st episode which showed the Robinsons making an attempt to repair the ships fuel and flight systems. A cool episode. This series is what Lost In Space is all about...survival!! The endearing aspects of the show, to me, has always been the triumphant overcoming of Professor Robinson and Don to obstacles and dangers. The episode "The Raft" is the start where they attempt to derive a synthesized deutronium fuel source to leave Preplanus in the first series, we fans-true fans of the show always sat at the edge of our seats wondering ...are they going to lift off soon? Did they solve their deutronium fuel problem? My book was Written from info based on Episodes:

    "The Raft"- 1st showing of the Engine Room.

    "Blast Off into Space"- The Lift Off from PriPlanus.

    "Wild Adventure" - The Fuel barge incident.

    These episodes were great at using the imagination for the NICV (Nuclear Interstellar Colinization Vessel- Jupiter Spacecraft) anti-gravity drive which I call the ISD (Ion Singularity Drive).