Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 5

The Space Primevals

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Oct 04, 1967 on CBS

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  • This is a highly adventurous episode, and currently my #5-ranked of the season..

    "The Space Primevals"..always a very solid and long time highly liked installment. As of now, I have it as my #5-ranked episode of the season..ever, ever so slightly behind last week's "Hunter's Moon." Basically, the two are pretty much neck-and-neck. If "The Space Primevals" didn't have the 'sillier' unnecessary parts, such as the robot magic stuff, and if the episode had a more solid ending and finish, and not that 'silly' finish accompanied by the brand new Fred Steiner background music (which I highly dislike), "The Space Primevals" would have been as high as my #3-ranked of the season. As it is, I have it at #5..just short of #4.

    Robert is very true that "The Space Primevals" has a Season One feel and look to it..chariot and all. I absolutely love the fine location shooting. That, and the prehistoric caveman idea, was not only excellent, but the best things about this story. I love it! As always, silly things take it down again though, just like last week. Stories this good should NOT infuse the sillier moments. I do NOT appreciate the mix. Either give me serious (very straight) B&W Season One, or give me the "LIS Lite" (Robert's term) fantasy-styles of Season Two. Both work fine. But, do not give me a good story and put silly things into it. It only accomplishes on bringing it down. The best of the Season Three episodes, all of them (think about it), are guilty of doing this. Like I said last week though, by this point in the series, it was totally unavoidable. Well, not really, but the production team seemed to think so.

    Just like last week's "Hunter's Moon," this week's story is high, high adventure, and another most worthy example of the goodness and solidness of early Season Three. "The Space Primevals" is the episode that was filmed (and aired) right after "Hunter's Moon." I call it back-to-back solidness, in keeping where late Season Two left off (with more seriousness interjected into the series). It certainly does not last.

    Like I said last week, I absolutely love the climactic fight scene in "Hunter's Moon"..one of my very favorite scenes of the whole shebang. That scene alone, and a slightly better ending, may be the specific reasons why I give the eever so slightly edge to "Hunter's Moon."

    Peter Packer and Nathan Juran are back again..




    PS I forgot to add that it is always a delight when Dr. Smith and Major West get teamed up together.

  • don & dr.smith kiss and make up

    Dr. Smith and Don are trying to blow up a volcano and bump into cave men. there are some good scenes involving the robot as a magician. but the reason to watch this is when don & dr. smith get thown in a cave. they use explosives to blow up the cavemen and their computer, but instead, it blows a hole in the ground the size of a subway tunnel. don nearly falls in when smith pulls him to safety. the air starts to run out and don starts apologizing to smith for all the remarks and threats he levelled on the good doctor. of course, smith does the same thing calling him major don west. all in all one of my favorite scenes. it's always a pleasure to see dr. smith be nice to anyone, never mind don. in the end prof. robinson, will and the robot save the day.