Lost in Space

Season 3 Episode 13

Two Weeks in Space

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Dec 13, 1967 on CBS

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  • sumdish is back and and he's now running a travel agency. not one of the better ones but has some redeeming qualities. this episode features only dr. smith, will and the robot (shades of season 2). the others are off on the chariot to who knows.

    while the others are scouring the planet on the chariot, dr. smith, will and the robot are left to defend the j2 against three evil monsters.two men and a woman that look like humans during the day and turn into howling aliens at night. they brainwash sumdish and tell him he's a tour operator. dr. smith gets a great idea, turn the jupiter 2 into the happy acres hotel with will and the robot as the help. smith works them to the bone to set up all the sports equipment and lawn chairs that have been stored in that secret area of the j2. the female tries to seduce dr. smith with a giant diamond ring that eventually turns him into one of the monsters. the best scene is when smith is trying to kiss up to sumdish to get the most money out of his alien travellers. sumdish does that mouth popping thing while he uses smith's hand as an ashtray. eventually smith goes to pop his mouth and gets a mouth full of ashes ha, ha. they foil the alien plot, the crew returns in the last two minutes and give smith the business.
  • Hmmm, it seems Dr Smith's handwriting is identical to that of Jethro Bodine's...

    This is another low point to the season.

    I can't fathom why the whole Robinson family would leave the ship, leaving Dr. SMITH of all people alone with it; surely given his past history he's more inclined to take off in it and leave them all trapped there... but instead he opts to turn the ship into a motel to rake in some quick cash... from a gaggle of bank robbers, no less, who'd also be more inclined to steal the ship and leave everybody stranded! Ugh.

    You know things get out of control when they hire the graphic artist for "The Beverly Hillbillies" to whip up a sign for "Lost in Space".
  • a funny espisode

    most of the episodes i remember from being a kid, this one i did not. this was a comedy . the alien costumes were great. they had a mouthstache that went the whole way around their heads. the corny pictures used to show the earthlings on their computer. Zumdish brainwashed ? were did he fit in. the aliens arrived on a golf cart. hilarious. i loved all the florescent colors. back in the late sixties we painted ours bikes with those colors. as the previous reviewer notes the zumdish and dr smith scene very funny. the night dr smith got changed into an alien and didn't realize it and saw the girl alien was the best. when don and the professor were fighting the aliens in the cave why did they throw the rifles into the lava pit? and the same old alien ship blasting of at the end. not the best but i enjoyed this episode.
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