Lost in Space

Season 1 Episode 20

War Of The Robots

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 09, 1966 on CBS

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  • Lost in space

    It's good
  • Schlock and shock seek peaceful coexistence in this typical episode.

    Will re-activates an evil robot from a planet of sinister aliens and it ingratiates itself with the Robinson family.

    I think if I had to name one episode typical of the entire series, this might be it, almost a dead on mix of campy foolishness with a situation that would be dangerous to the characters and also raises a sense of drama. Since the Jupiter 2 robot never really acts as a robot in the series, it's an entirely human drama, or at least one of preferring a new puppy to the good ol' family dog. While there is an interesting question of the new robot's ability to "exceed its programming", Asimov be damned, here you are mostly faced with a choice of pure robotic evil or the family cyborg blubbering like a baby.

    I remember being fascinated with "Robbie" the robot making an appearance on this program the most, and his nasty deceit makes the scenes of him serving the family almost as diabolical as they are comical. The final "battle" is pretty weakly staged, I always found it odd that the robot suit was so poorly planned in this series (there are two shots where the human legs of the actor are actually visible). I do have a hard time seeing how adults could find a lot to like here, though the theme of the episode is tried and true in literature from Cain and Abel to 10 cent comics.
  • Robby the robot episode.

    I found this to be an intriguing link to the history of sci-fi shows & films.Robby has always been my favorite since viewing Forbidden Planet as a child & have always kept an eye out for cameo appearances such as the Invisible boy etc, but to then find an episode such as this as a main character was a sheer surprise & delight, pity the rest of the series could not have maintained the calibre of this episode, it would be a ice touch to see them both appear somewhere throught the magic of cgi, one of the new Dr.Who episode perhaps ?
  • It's goofy beyond belief and sets the template for the second season but its also light and actually works.

    The robot character has been the least examined aspect of the show (outside of poor Judy Robinson) and this episode adds a camp aspect and brings him into full circle. The family has now grown attached to it like a pet. Will and Dr. Smith as well as the robot now solidify the trio that will be the only characters explored in season 2. John and Don seem to only exist to comment on a situation not drive it. However, I enjoyed it. To see the family enamored with this new toy and to see the Robot of the family acting in an entirely illogical manner was entertaining. The battle scene in the end is just a hoot. I know I've cursed the camp aspect of the show but unlike prior episodes that have mixed the premise at least this show stays on even terms with the audience.
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