Lost in Space

Season 2 Episode 11

West of Mars

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Nov 30, 1966 on CBS

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  • Allan Melvin

    This bizarre episode is lit up by the presence of the one and only Sam the Butcher. I have often wondered if he and Alice ever "did it" :)
  • Was the"Rango" (2011) bar scene based on the "Zeno" bar scene in this episode?

    The story line and the visuals for the bar scene are so similar in this Lost in Space episode and the bar scene in "Rango". Both Smith and Rango walk into an unfamiliar bar. Both do some excessive bragging to impress the locals. Both have problems with the drink they are served. Both are confronted with a local tough guy. The locals volunteer how tough Smith/Rango are. Both Smith and Rango escape with a single luck shot, Rango's knocks the water tower over on the hawk (who scared off the 1st tough guy), and Smith's knocks down a light that knocks out his opponent.

    My guess is the Rango version was based on this episode.

  • West of Mars is a huge failure and ranks up there with the worst of the show.

    It really is an awful episode, certainly up there with the worst of Lost in Space. There are so many things wrong with this episode and perhaps the only thing in its favour is a look at the cool little track the members of the Jupiter 2 have placed on the planet. First of all, can't anyone recognise the difference in their voices? When the law enforcer first comes into contact with Zeno he says that he recognises his voice, how is that possible when Smith sounds completely different? Then when they are aboard the law enforces ship I can't for the life of me figure out why Smith doesn't tell Will some stories about what they've done in the past. That right there would've been enough to clear him, but no.

    Then when they land on a planet that is frightened of Zeno, Smith pretends to be Zeno in order for the locals to fear him. But why, before he started his act, didn't Smith tell Will that it's all an act and that he's doing it purely to have the locals fear him? It's common sense. When Smith and Will are hurrying out of the bar, Will calls Smith 'Smith' instead of Zeno, even though a minute later he refuses to believe he is Smith. Make your mind up Will.

    Unfortunately in all facets this episode is a shocker.