Lost in Space

Season 2 Episode 2

Wild Adventure

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Sep 21, 1966 on CBS

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  • A mid-range, but very good episode on the young season..

    (I try not to read Robert's reviews before writing these. In that way, I do not form a 'biased' opinion or use his own ideas and comments.)

    "Wild Adventure"..no other episode spends so much time with the Jupiter 2 spaceship flying through space, besides Season Three's "Space Creature." That is, of course, not a trait to measure the 'worth' of the episode. It is just an interesting trivia point to make note of. The Jupiter 2 is flying through space during the entire adventure, with the one exception of its brief landing on the F-12 fuel barge to refuel. Of course, however, this is a very solid story, with no real, real 'silliness' for the series set in yet. It will take more episodes than this before Season Two dips to the lower levels of humor, slapstick, and more silliness. I have never, ever disliked this episode..although it has never been a huge favorite of mine either. As a matter of fact, I consider it about average in the Season Two pack. More 'silly' episodes coming later are even much better..another reason why the silliness-meter of an episode is not necessarily an accurate model to grade the overall worth of an episode.

    Of course, let us discuss the one factor in this episode that most fans mention as being the downfall here..the green lady from "the people of the green mist." Do I have any problems with her? Of course not. Do I like her? Yes! When you get right down to it, this story/episode revolves around, and is really all about the Green Girl. Although terrible science (all around), the girl makes for an entertaining and enjoyable tale. I met Ms. Vitina Marcus in person at FrightVision 2001 in early April in Cleveland that year. Two things surprised my that I did not expect..she is a pretty short lady, and she has (or had) blond hair. A very nice lady she was..and attractive.

    There is a heck of a lot going on in this episode. Obviously, the most tense and exciting moment is when the ship is caught in the gravitational pull of the sun..ending the third or fourth act/segment. That was pretty good stuff..though illogical, of course.

    It was cool to see the Robinsons a lot in their 'sleepy time' attire..bathrobes and all. Ms. dear, dear Penny looked so cute! And we got to see "Mrs. Robinson's first meal in space." This was the second of only two (rare) LOST IN SPACE writing credits for the team of William Read Woodfield and Allan Balter. That may explain the very different 'feel' in this episode. Woodfield and Balter had previously done "Attack Of The Monster Plants" (another VERY different 'feel' episode) from classic B&W Season One.

    The most prolific LOST IN SPACE director of all, Don Richardson, only directed four episodes during B&W Season One, but now, in living color, his directed episodes start to arrive hot and heavy..and they begin right here, in the second episode on the young season.

    This is the first of several background incidental music scores from 'regular STAR TREK man,' Alexander Courage. Although I am not overly thrilled by any of his scores, this one works very well (as they all do), and is probably my personal favorite of the Alexander Courage entries.

    One other note.."Wild Adventure"ends very, very, very nicely, with dialog something like this..

    WILLIAM: Cheer up, Doctor Smith. Anyway, we're on kind of an adventure now.

    WILLIAM: Where are we going now, sir?

    JOHN: We'll know when we get there, son. We'll know when we get there.

    (With excellent closing music to boot.)


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