Lost in Space

Season 1 Episode 11

Wish Upon A Star

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Nov 24, 1965 on CBS

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  • Fun Episode

    I always remembered this episode because of the creepy spaceship wreckage and the mummy alien. When Dr. smith gets booted out of camp and lives on his one in the wilderness he comes across the wreckage of an old alien ship. Inside he finds a wish machine and lives the high life. he even loans it to the Robinson's. That is until he abuses the machine and the ghost of the alien traveller comes to reclaim it.
  • Based on a famous fable, Dr. Smith stumbles upon a great toy.

    The writers did two things right for this episode. The first thing was they did was address Dr. Smith as trouble. This is logical and while you can feel bad, you're surviving and kicking him out made sense. Two, Dr. Smith is a little more likable and far less devious than previous incarnations making him more tolerable to be around. This episode is based on the famous fable of greed. Dr. Smith grants the Robinson's anything they want (as long as you get two wishes per day and obviously it limits the size of the gift. After a few days of bickering among the crew John decides its just to vial an instrument to be around the kids. Imagine that! The kids actually fight for supplies. The writers actually make them more realistic. Dr. Smith decides to use the device to make a slave. That was the last straw and the alien took it away. You can have all the material things you want but you cannot exploit another soul. Nicely done. Of course logically, all the Robinson's had to do was ask for things like -- fuel for their ship and they could have gotten home! Still a nice break from Dr. Smithville.
  • Wish Upon a Star is a great episode; one of the best in season 1 and overall a series classic.

    After Dr. Smith's carelessness in handling the fuel pack in which he put down to a "malfunctioning mechanism", the life of Don in particular is put in danger. While no one is hurt, John and Don come to the conclusion that it would be best if Smith leaves immediately because they can no longer tolerate his careless nature. After spending his first night out alone, Will pays Smith a visit the next morning. Will decides that his campsite isn't very suitable so together they go searching for a new one. They eventually discover the wreckage of an old spaceship and decide to set up camp there. While setting up, Will discovers a device and they eventually realise that whatever they wish for, the device supplies. An excited Will wants to show the family, but Smith ensures that Will keeps it a secret. A few days later Will pays Smith another visit to see how he's getting on and he notices all the things Smith has "wished up". Will then questions Smith's motives and becomes upset at why he won't let the Robinsons use the machine. After seeing Will walk away upset with him, Smith finally decides to bring the machine to the family. However once they start using the machine John sees that it is tearing the family apart and nothing good is coming from it. So John decides that it's best if Smith left with the machine. While back at his campsite, Smith foolishly wishes up a servant to serve him. Smith is horrified to see that a monster has appeared and wants the machine back. Smith refuses to hand it over, so while frantically racing back to the Jupiter 2 he hides the machine. When he reaches the Jupiter 2, the monster appears not long after and it becomes apparent that he simply wants the machine back. John says to Smith that he must put his selfish needs aside and return the machine to the monster so John, Don and Will go with Smith to locate the machine. They find it and head back to his campsite where the monster appears. Smith reluctantly hands it over to the monster and he then goes away and leaves them in peace. John then tells Will that Smith simply asked for too much, and what he had wasn't enough and he wanted more. So in the end greed was their undoing. All in all a great episode, one of the best in season 1 and overall a series classic.