Lost in Space

Season 2 Episode 13

Wreck of the Robot

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Nov 14, 1966 on CBS

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  • Oops Hymstien

    Sorry Hymie my man (the same Hymie from Get Smart?) but you are confusing the "Wreck of the Robot" with "Trip through the Robot". Perhaps watching the episode might help? :)
  • the robot grows into a giant because of a power problem and dr. smith and will have to go inside and fix him. don and john soon join them before the robot shrinks to normal size in one of the best episodes of the series.

    genuine suspence and action in this installment. dr. smith, will, the robot, don & john are all in top notch form. good set pieces (some very familiar). the highlights are dr. smith not helping don when he get's caught up when the robot is shrinking. dr. smith running around scared to death while the robot's machinery is attacking him. and the end when will almost doesn't fit through the opening to the robot as he is shrinking. a really good one.
  • Now THIS episode is a great one!

    Now THIS episode is a great one! It starts with the usual over-used Dr. Smith (I don't mind Dr. Smith but he dominates the show to much and the other characters never got a true chance. Notice how in 97.5% of the episodes, Dr. Smith always gets a major part. Did you motice that Don and Maureen never got an episode to express the character!) and Will and The Robot (I like the Robot, don't like Will too much) and they go into a cave to chase after a gold bowling ball. They meet these aliens (amazing costumes) and they demand the Robot. The travellers escape but the aliens don't chase after them. They simply plot up their evil plans (BWAHAHAHAHA!!!). Later in the episode, Don & Judy (This is 7 News reporting about your favorite couple! lol) cook a Boston Cream Pie (According to Maureen, Don is an excellent Cook and he's teaching Judy) and John complains that since there is nothing to do, he's doing "Women's Work"! That night, the aliens steal the Robot! We then see Don & John playing a chess game (evenly) but then the aliens talk to John through the chess piece to give up the Robot. Don & John go to the cave. The aliens say the are studying him and they'll return the Robot as soon as possible. To show they are telling the truth, they give them his head. Don plays a great trick on Dr. Smith. Eventually the Robot is returned and Don, John & Will manage to re-assemble him but all the machines (not including the Robot) start getting a mind of their own. Then the puzzle pieces fall into place: The aliens studied the Robot to understand how Earth machinery works. The aliens have now put together a machine to control machines. The whole universe is in danger untill Don, John, Will and the Robot go to the cave. The aliens say that neither man nor machine can destroy it. But the Robot manages. He says that he is in-between Man & machine. I guess that humans don't have the strength and power to do it, and robots don't have the mind. But our Robot is no ordinary Robot!
  • A trio of mysterious aliens want the Robot for some mysterious purposes, and since they don't get him on request, they take their own measures.

    This is one of the best episodes of all. The Jupiter II crew all get a good amount of screen time (well...not so much Penny), and the three aliens are wonderfully affective; the way they hover around restlessly, sometimes just in the background, works extremely well. The control of the machines is good too, and Don West's trick on Dr Smith is a classic.
    The only negative is the conclusion. These aliens have a machine that can control Earth, and the Robot destroys it with just two wacks??
    Anyway, apart from that, this is marvellous stuff. Oh, and note to the other reviewer... You're thinking of another Robot story - now THAT one is magnificent.