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Ideas for Season 4

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    [1]Dec 2, 2010
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    Hey what are your ideas for a 4th season of Lost Tapes. Here are mine.

    Season 4, Episode 1: Ogopogo

    Season 4, Episode 2: Kasai Rex

    Season 4, Episode 3: Lusca

    Season 4, Episode 4: Loch Ness Monster

    Season 4, Episode 5: Maginguari

    Season 4, Episode 6: Nandi Bear

    Season 4, Episode 7: Skunk Ape

    Season 4, Episode 8: Waheela

    Season 4, Episode 9: Momo the Missouri Monster

    Season 4, Episode 10: Mngwa

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    [2]Feb 3, 2011
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    These are some pretty good ideas. Here are some I had:

    - Grey Alien: A trio of conspiracy theorists manages to sneak onto a military base where they believe the government is experimenting with extraterrestrial technology, and find that the truth is more frightening than anything they could have imagined.

    - Thetis Lake Monster: A father-son fishing expedition on Thetis Lake turns into a fight for survival when a reptilian beast threatens their boat... and proves that it's a danger both in the water and on land.

    - Skunk Ape: During an ecological survey of the Florida Everglades, a conservation team comes across a creature that prefers solitude, and are attacked by hunters with their own bloody intentions towards the mysterious animal.

    - Con Rit: During the Vietnam war, a news crew shooting footage of military action finds evidence of a strange beast that hails from the sea and proves deadlier than the forces of the Viet Cong.

    - Shadow People: When a home renovation program picks a house abandoned after several strange deaths as the subject for their next show, the shoot is plagued by several harmful accidents, and the cameras are picking up mysterious figures in the shadows.

    - Mermaid: A group of college students on spring break in Hawaii are invited to a private lagoon by a mysterious, attractive young woman. But her true intentions ensure none of them will ever leave the water alive.

    - Wampus Cat: A woman's cross-country hike along the Appalachian Trail becomes a nightmare when she's pursued by a ferocious wildcat.

    - Megalodon: Following the appearance of several unidentified fish washing up on the Australian coast, a marine biology crew sends a manned submarine down into the trenches to catalog these new species. Down in the depths, they come across a ravenous predator long forgotten by time.

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    Demons: a group of young men in Las Vegas for a Bachelor Party and are selected for a popular magic act in a night club only to discover that nothing is as it seems. Champ: A group of fishermen set out to make the biggest catch of their life but end up catching more then they bargained for when they catch a baby Champ and face the fury of the angry mother. mokele mbemebe : A group of Animal Researchers are searching for new life in the Jungles of the Congo and stumble upon mokele mbemebe.
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    [4]Aug 9, 2012
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    episode 1: Kasai Rex. Three professional hunters go on a safari, but end up getting hunted by an ancient predator.

    episode 2: Shadow People: As a construction crew is renovating an old mansion, strange "accidents" occur, so they call the enigma corporation for help.

    episode 3.Man-eating Plants. When their plane crashes in the middle of the amazon, a family of tourists discover that their nightmare has just begun.

    episode 4: Flatwoods Monster. When two boys get lost in the woods, a rescue team is formed to find them, but they weren't expecting a nine-foot, gas spewing killer to get in the way.

    episode 5: Mokele-Mbembe: An extreme angler meets his match when he finds out that he is not the only predator in the congo.

    episode 6: Monster Rats: An inspection crew is taking their usual routes, when they discover that they haved disturbed the nest of thousands of 20 lb, 5-inch fanged demons.

    episode 7: Mermaids: A fun loving, weed smoking group of bachelors are partying on a yacht, when a beautiful, mysterious, and deadly woman shows up.

    episode 8: Gremlins: A bunch of skydivers in training are on their first run, when something, or someone, messes up their equipment.

    episode 9: Loch Ness Monster: Well meaning scientists dive a submarine down into the murky depths of the loch, when they find out that this elusive creature does not like to be disturbed.

    episode 10: Gray Aliens: After crop circles destroyed his cornfields and several of his cattle go missing, a farmer tries to find out who, or what, is responsible, not having a clue in this world what he is up against.

    these are my suggestions. hope this helps! Animal Planet, please bring lost tapes back.

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