Lost Tapes

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Oct 30, 2008 In Season


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  • belivibiluty

    the show is good... espessially when you can sleep at 4 in the morning but the tapes the creatures have little or none violent activity in the past.Someone just happened to have a camera and the entent to piss off a creature.yeah unlikely.and the guy on Dover Demon just HAPPENED to get the creature on video tapes nightvision highly unlikely if even possible. But even throught the flaws the show stilll is factual.like for example the doverdemon is nocturnal allegidly learnd that fromthe show.the show is the obly thibg still on air that deals with crypzoology scence Destiation truth got canceled-------revew from Trevor Lance
  • I like it

    The affects could use a tune-up, but I like it.
  • The show is about several tapes of people who have had interactions with creatures only known in cryptozoology. Each episode is about a different creature. They explain between clips what are some interesting facts about the mysterious creatures.

    This show demonstrates how there have been different sitings of mysterious creatures. They throughly explain the appearance of each creature as they are described in cryptozoology and mythology. The show gives an exact explaination to anything that they think might be confusing to any viewer. They give the show an interesting characteristic. They give the show a twist compared to other documentaries. The show keeps it's viewers on the edge wanted to find out more about the creatures or even the story of the people in the tapes. The show is full of mystery, suspense and even real life situations.
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