Lost Treasures - Season 2

ESPN Classic (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • The 70's: The Me Decade
    A few profiles demonstrate that football was only part of a man's life. The best example was of Mike Reid, a musician first and defensive tackle second.
  • Lost Treasures of the Super Bowl, I / VIII
    Steve Sabol believed he had seen everything about all the Super Bowls. Still, he and his staff unearthed a great deal of unused footage. Recount the barrenness of Super Bowl I, the chaos of the Super Bowl IV halftime, Baltimore's almost casual sideline during Super Bowl V (which the Colts won), and the staunchness of the Redskins' sideline at Super Bowl VII.moreless
  • Network Stars of the 70's
    NFL Films developed stars in the field of covering football as the 1970s progressed. This program documents the development of personalities who became famous with The NFL Today on CBS. Features interviews with Phyllis George and Jayne Kennedy.
  • Lost Sounds of the 70’s, 1970 / 1975
    Personalities who shaped the NFL of 1969-1979 are heard in lost NFL Films' sound recordings. Features shots of Joe Kapp, Lyle Alzado, and Bill Bergey.
  • Pottstown Revisited
    If there is one film that is among Steve Sabol's favorites, it was Pro Football, Pottstown, Pa. Phil Tuckett had asked to shoot a piece on minor-league football and some of its characters. The "short piece" expanded into a 60-minute special. This special two-hour Lost Treasures episode begins with a re-airing of Pro Football, Pottstown, Pa. (a more accurate description can be found at www.movietome.com, keyword "Pottstown"). Then, NFL Films travels back to Pottstown and gets in touch with some of the minor players on this special minor-league team. The program concludes with the Pottstown Firebirds' 30-year reunion.moreless
  • Sundays with Soul
    Sundays with Soul
    Episode 1
    A new decade brought a new spirit and flavor to pro football. New fashions met old coaches; halftime music became truly contemporary; the multi-purpose stadium was introduced. And the new decade demanded new players with a new flair, such as the Steelers' John "Frenchy" Fuqua.