Lost Treasures

Season 2 Episode 6

The 70's: The Me Decade

Aired Unknown Mar 25, 2001 on ESPN Classic



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    • Steve Sabol uses journeyman player Coy Bacon as the focus of a new game, called "The Six Degrees of Coy Bacon." The object is to link Coy with other NFL alumni in six steps or less.
      "Why don't you try it at home? Here are a couple of rules: First of all, no coaches. That just makes it too easy. Pro Bowls, All-Star Games, they don't count either. And if you really want to make it tough, toss in what we call here 'The Latrobe Clause.' That means you can't use any quarterback from Pennsylvania, and that's Marino, Montana, Unitas, Namath, and George Blanda."

  • Notes

    • Steve Sabol mentions a Denver receiver named Gene Washington, but he played most of his career with the Minnesota Vikings.

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