Lost Universe

Ion Television (ended 2003)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • And Then a Blade of Light Shines
      Kain boards Stargazer's ship to rescue Millie, but when he's there, he has to face Millie who struggles with her family's legacy. While Canal puts everything she has to destroy the boss ship, Kain and Stargazer battle it out in the big finale.
    • Angelic Demon Strikes
      Sword Breaker blasts through a barrage of enemy ships. Canal is dressed as a cheerleader as she leads Millie and Nina. No matter how many units they destroy, more enemy units keep appearing. The group heads toward Tor Beta. But now the Gore Nova ship merges with Dark Star and becomes an awesome fighting power. Kain heads toward Dark Star in a shuttle in order to shut down its power so Sword Breaker can fire a psy-beam from within and destroy Dark Star. Canal reveals Millie's true identity as Millenium Feria Stargazer, the daughter of the leader of Nightmare. Millie gets transported to the battlefield where Kain and Stargazer are fighting.moreless
    • The Maiden Returns
      The Maiden Returns
      Episode 24
      Now that Kali has fused into Rag D'Mezegis, she is more fearsome than ever with her ship sized energy whip. Nina and Millie try to help out, but Kain wants to fuse with Sword Breaker and duke it out with Kali.
    • Ashura Comes
      Ashura Comes
      Episode 23
      The Sword Breaker approaches Nightmare's headquarters, but it will not be an easy invasion as somehow the neighboring planets and satellites are positioned to block Sword Breaker and one the planets even explodes! Kali threatens to destroy some more planets unless Kain and Sword Breaker step out for a showdown. Kain accepts but then Kali makes the ultimate sacrifice and has the Rag D'Mezegis ship consume her soul.moreless
    • Destiny Spins
      Destiny Spins
      Episode 22
      Kain can not control his psycho energy emphasized by rage and hatred.
    • Field Of Ice Burns
      Field Of Ice Burns
      Episode 21
      Kain chooses an ice planet to repair Sword-Breaker 100%.
    • Nightmare Prevails
      Nightmare Prevails
      Episode 20
      Judging the time has come, Stargazer orders his battleships all-out attack.
    • Darkness Lures
      Darkness Lures
      Episode 19
      Goln-Nova easily bounces back the fierce attacks of Kain's Sword-Breaker.
    • The Scoundrel Is Swept Away
      Kain and two girls enter a spaceport, disguising the name of ship as "Space One."
    • Universal Guardian Explodes
      The Interstellar Police suspect Rail is selling secrets, and try to track him down. One of the Lost Ships, Rag D'Mezekis, makes the news. Kain wants to investigate but as he arrives at the scene, he is surprised by Kali again. Rail also makes a move to acquire Rag D'Mezekis, with his motivations to be a secret.moreless
    • Millie Desires
      Millie Desires
      Episode 16
      Millie and Canal fight again as the Sword Breaker stops to gather supplies. Millie leaves and tries to fend for herself, while Kain and Canal try to move onto some more serious adventuring. Will the trio be able to reconcile?
    • Nightmare Appears
      Nightmare Appears
      Episode 15
      Kain and the gang visit a planet that houses a material transporter which is run by Roy Glen.
    • Fear Whispers
      Fear Whispers
      Episode 14
      Kain meets an old friend named Atlas who wants to go one more mission together with Kain to a processing plant on a planet full of dangerous chemicals.
    • Reminiscence Whirlpools
      Kain and the gang arrive at green planet E-17, where he meets up with his grandmother Alice. Actually Alice had passed away. While he remembers Alice, Kain encounters a mysterious person who really gives him a scare.
    • Rain Of Tears Ends
      Rain Of Tears Ends
      Episode 12
      Following the events with Jesse in the previous episode, Kain and the gang interrogate Merina, who reveals La Gould's hideout. But La Gould has a ship named Death Cloud on his side.
    • Friendship Scatters
      Kain takes on a job of escorting La Gould's boats, but one of his old friends, Jess, also gets a similar assignment. They place a wager on the success of their assignment, but unknown to both of them, there are some larger scale plans involving La Gould.
    • Vagrancy Decides
      Vagrancy Decides
      Episode 10
      Kain takes on a job of guarding some energy resources for an immigration ship, and gets recruited by some little kids to coach their basketball team.
    • Toilet Fears
      Toilet Fears
      Episode 9
      Kain and the gang get a distress call from a ship graveyard. They find a crystal and bring it on board, but it distorts space and now they can't even find the bathroom.
    • Nina Corners
      Nina Corners
      Episode 8
      Kain's group are on assignment to escort Minister Magma via a public ship, but they are hijacked by some people in chicken costumes. The bumbling Nina steps in and helps out.
    • Knight Checks
      Knight Checks
      Episode 7
      Kain and Millie end up arguing with Canal over their next assignment which is to find someone who has gone missing. They split up to do the search, but a group known as Nightmare makes its presence known and attacks each of the teams.
    • Fallen Angels Run
      Kain and the gang visit a ship that consists of nursing students who are all women! This means Kain, much like Gourry and Zelgadis in the Slayers tradition, gets to dress up as a girl. They learn that there are two competing factions on board, and a major exam is coming up. Can Kain and the others restore peace in this estrogen-filled situation?moreless
    • Flames Roar
      Flames Roar
      Episode 5
      Kain gets an assignment to guard a military weapons factory. Canal is more than happy to take this opportunity to upgrade her weapons including getting that beam-missile. While on duty, a man named Roy Glen has been in cahoots with the Nightmare organization. The job turns out to be a trap as Roy orders a group of men to attack Kain, and some ships move in to attack Sword Breaker.moreless
    • Palm Tree Crabs Kill
      Millie strives to be the Best in the Universe, and when the gang reaches the resort planet of Sunzania, she volunteers to participate in a beauty contest. But the resort doesn't make for a safe place, as Kain and Millie get attacked by a robot, and then a group of bad guys attack and separate the two. A mysterious woman named Kali representing the Nightmare group confronts Kain using a whip.moreless
    • The Kitchen Dances
      Kain meets up with Rail about his next assignment, the transport of a crime witness to a trial location. Kain refuses the assignment, but his new partner, Millie has signed the deal, so they are stuck with it. They make it to the planet without incident, but when Millie escorts the witness, they are attacked by pirates. How will they get out of this one?moreless
    • The Goddess Flies
      Millie wants to join up with Kain on their adventures, but Kain refuses. Rail contacts Kain and asks him to go after an out of control cruiser ship. Millie ponders whether Sword Break is one of the legendary Lost Ships?
    • A Blade of Light Shines
      Kain and Canal infiltrate an artificial satellite from a crime organization where they are auctioning stolen items on the black market. Meanwhile, a teenage girl tries to investigate the situation and gets caught. Kain ends up freeing the girl, known as Millie. Canal turns out to be the manifestation of the ship's computer of Kain's ship, the Sword Breaker. Kain battles a bio-monster aboard the satellite.moreless
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