Lost Worlds

Season 2 Episode 7

Building the Titanic

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2007 on The History Channel

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  • I enjoyed this episode of "Lost Worlds" very much because it's based on one of my favorite historical figures The Titanic. And what every happened to the sister ship "Olympic"? I guess that ship was more lucky than the Titanic. This episode was superb.

    It's amazing what people could do and build back then in the 19th century. I went to the Titanic museum in LA a few years back and I took a tour of the actual set of the Titanic movie and it was all exciting. My complements to the creator of the show Lost Worlds. It's very interesting how in 1911 and around that time the city that the Titanic was built in was the busiest city in that region and now days it's like a ghost town. If they were going to build a ship that big they should have put a Rudder that big.