Lost Worlds

Monday 9:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Jul 10, 2006 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Palenque: Metropolis of the Maya
      Venture to Palenque a great Mayan city deep in the Mexican jungle abandoned for over a thousand years. Mysterious tombs, palaces, and temples covered by creepers have remained hidden from the world for centuries. But how was this gigantic metropolis built and what purpose did the temples and palaces serve?
    • Knights Templar
      Episode 2
      They defended the Holy Land for 200 years before a fall from grace. Now watch as the archaeologist unearth their city of Tortosa, now in the suburbs of modern day Tartus in Syria.
    • Atlantis
      Episode 3
      Rediscover what could be the ancient city of Atlantis, destroyed by a volcanic eruption over 3000 years ago.
    • 7/24/06
      Visit the ruins of an Egyptian Empire whose leader reigned for 67 years.
    • 7/31/06
      See the glory of Athens at its height in the 5th Century BC.
    • 8/7/06
      The recreation of the cities of the Manhatten Project.
    • Hitler's Supercity
      Not only did the Nazi's destroy, they built on an epic scale. Look back and what they created, and what they planned to build if they had won World War II.
    • Jesus' Jerusalem
      Episode 8
      See Jerusalem as it was over 2000 years ago.
    • 8/28/06
      The secret bunkers under London during World War II.
    • The Real Dracula
      Episode 10
      In a country torn by bloody civil war, a young man seizes power. In his native tongue, he is called Dracula. This is not the vampire, Count Dracula, but a real historical figure: a Romanian prince. Dracula was a warlord who became known all across Europe for both his breathtaking courage and his terrifying cruelty. But he also left an enduring legacy. Not just in blood, but also in brick, mortar, and stone. He constructed palaces. He founded the city that was to become his country's capital. He also built one of Eastern Europe's most breathtaking mountaintop castles. Now, with state-of-the-art computer animation, we'll bring Dracula's lost world back to life: his birthplace in the fortified town of Sighisoara; the gothic splendor of Transylvania's Bran Castle; the sumptuous palace of Targoviste; and the real castle Dracula, Poenari.moreless
    • 9/11/06
      Rediscover the 13th Century Scotland of William Wallace
    • 9/18/06
      The beginning of Christianity with only a few hundred followers in the world.
    • The Pagans
      Episode 13
      Exploring the world of Stonehenge.
  • Season 2