Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2009 on ABC

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  • Ohhh myy frickin godddd Lost is still the most potent drug!!! simply a 10 out of 10 episode

    I didn't have the opportunity to write a review for This place is death (i had a long week last week) but no need, the real credit goes to this weeks installment. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was blown away from the beginning on the island till the end of the episode on the island, and allll that was in between Off the island! too many developments, ms. hawkins continues to intrigue; Ben, jack, hurley, kate and the crew (not enuf sayid this episode) :( all were stellar and i'm more and more hooked by Lost and attached to the characters. That arabic guys gonna be a main character (the one on the plane at the end) he's in Vantage Point with M.Fox and he's also amazing in the Traitor. DESMOND!!!! goo backk!!!! i wonder who and if Ben killed, god i hope its not Penny, but then again it'll make desmond go back for revenge on Ben if thats the case. Sun meets JIn (hopefully) Hurley Ben and Sayid all together LOL and what happened to LOCKE ???(question of the year) Faraday what are you still not telling us??? and Jin with Dharma?!??!?! my heads spinning, i think i need to go out for some smoke :) and digest all of this , Simply put.....a 10 outta 10 episode!!
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