Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2009 on ABC

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  • Destiny, coursecorrecting... agaist Ben's ego.

    Amazing episode which reminds everyone, why we're watching LOST all these years. The scenario is great. The way LOST goes on... makes the expected, to be unexpected.

    In the end we saw Jin in Dharma bus, and he was wearing Dharma uniform. I said "WTF?" but then i realised that we are at 2008 and the island is still flashing. Maybe during a flash that we haven't seen, Jin found the bus and the uniform, and carried the items with him... in the same way Locke carried the compass, and Faradey carried the Zodiac.

    Im this episode... we learned a little more about the significancy of Locke's transition. Locke who is wearing Christian's shoes, is a coursecorrecting, unless Ben did something we don't know when Ajira employees checked the coffin. Ben looks so calm in the airplane, and i don't think he's been given up to destiny. Maybe he has prepared something for his own good, and he'll f*ck up the plan once more :)

    We have 28 episodes till the end, and many twists to come.

    For example the new passenger... who is he? Surely not a simple traveller!

    A big 10 from me