Season 3 Episode 1

A Tale of Two Cities

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

The new season opens just as the past 2 seasons have: with the opening of an eye. A blonde woman wakes up from her slumber and gets dressed and ready in her house. She seems to be living in suburbia. A group of people gather at her house for a book club meeting. However this is disrupted by an earthquake. When this subsides, the group runs outside, where several others come out of their homes as well, one including fake Henry Gale. They look up towards the sky and see Oceanic Flight 815 crashing. Fake Henry sends Goodwin and Ethan off to check things out. The camera backs out to reveal that this tiny piece of suburbia is deep in the island.
This is where the Others live.
We come to learn that Jack, Kate and Sawyer are all held in respective different places at the Others home.
Sawyer is placed in a large cage (Skinner-like box) outside in the jungle. There is another cage opposite him, where a young man is also locked up.
The young man asks him questions about the other plane survivors and eventually picks the lock and escapes. However as soon as he does an alarm sounds. He rushes over and unlocks Sawyer's cage. They both run and split up. Sawyer runs into Juliette, the same blonde woman we met at the start, and he's shot with a sedative.
He wakes up back in the cage where the Others drag the young man from the other cage, bloodied up. We learn his name is Carl and they force him to apologize to Sawyer for involving him. They drag him off not returning him to the other cage.
Kate, our heroine wakes up in a locker shower type area. Our Mr. Friendly (Tom) is there when she wakes up and insists that she shower. She obeys.
When returning from her shower, her clothes have been taken away and she's forced to wear a dress that they've left for her. Tom leads her out onto the beach where fake Henry Gale is waiting for her in a little hut with breakfast. She is forced to wear handcuffs and wants to know why they're doing this. Fake Henry's only chilling response is that he's being nice as the next 2 weeks are going to be very unpleasant.
Sawyer eventually figures out a way to get food delivered to him in his cage, by pressing and holding down buttons, exactly like a 'Skinner Box'. Tom is amused by this and he brings Kate and puts her in the opposite cage. There he removes her cuffs and leaves. Both Sawyer and Kate are extremely relieved to see one another.
This is a Jack centric episode, where through flashbacks we learn that Jack was thoroughly obsessed with finding about the man who had swept his wife, Sara away from him. He just won't let go. He explodes to the point he accuses his sober father of sleeping with her, landing himself in jail and driving his father back to the bottle. He never learns about the man.
Jack himself is found to be in a small room with a glass window in what appears to be another hatch. The glass window looks into another room that has a door opened.
Jack screams and hollers and tries to find a way out. He constantly pulls on some chains above him. He won't give up trying.
Juliette, the woman the show opened with, visits Jack and tries to get him to eat. To do this she wants him to stand at the back of his cell while she opens the door and places the food before him.
Eventually Jack caves and says okay. However as we've come to learn Jack is not a person that let's things go easily and he's not going to try to stop escaping. He attacks Juliette as she enters and takes her hostage as they move into the hallway.
Jack leads to a door that is sealed shut and demands that she opens it. She refuses insisting that if she does, they'll die.
All of sudden, fake Henry appears on the other side of the hallway. It is obvious that is the actual exit. Jack threatens to kill Juliette but Henry just says to have her open the door anyway and she'll die. We all will. Jack throws Juliette to the side and moves to open the door. Juliette sprints down the hall but Henry leaves quickly shutting the door on her.
Jack opens the door and a large volume of water gushes in knocking them both off their feet. Juliette is able to knock out Jack and she brings him up out of the water so he does not drown.
Jack awakens in his cell again and finds Juliette in the room across from him again. Jack comments that the hatch is an aquarium. Juliette confirms this and says that the hatch is called the Hydra station where they used to keep dolphins and sharks.
Jack wonders if they're what is left over from the DHARMA Initiative.
Juliette responds that was a long time ago and that who we were does not matter but more importantly who we are.
She then proceeds to inform him that they know exactly who he is. She reads from a file, revealing that they know he's a spinal surgeon, what university he attended, that he was married and contested the divorce and that his father died in Sydney; she has a copy of the autopsy report with her. She relays that "This is you, Jack."
She dismisses him on how they got the information, but just that they did. All Jack can wonder then is what else is in there. Is there information about his family, more particularly his ex-wife? Juliette concedes that there is and asks what would he like to know.
Jack finally is able to let go of his obsession of finding out the other man in Sara's life and only asks if Sara is happy. Juliette confirms that she is. She is very happy. Jack himself is learning not to be so controlling and obsessive.
He moves to the back of the cell and crouches down so that Juliette can bring him some food.
Juliette heads out into the hallway where fake Henry comments,"Good work Juliette."
She responds in kind, "Thank you, Ben." And walks away.
Few questions are answered here in this episode, aside from where the Others actually live and that our fake Henry Gale is actually named Ben. Rather, as the theme of this Season begins to take hold, more questions arise. What do the Others want? And what are they planning to do with Jack, Kate & Sawyer? Who really are the Others? Most importantly, who really are Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and the rest of the survivors? And how will they rise to the situation they find themselves in? Only time will tell.
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