Season 3 Episode 1

A Tale of Two Cities

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on ABC

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  • Awesome.

    Jack is imprisoned in the Hydra, an underwater Dharma Initiative station, and interrogated by an Other named Juliet. Kate and Sawyer are kept in nearby cages. Sawyer tries to escape with a teenage Other named Karl, but they are caught. "Henry Gale," whose real name is Ben, is revealed to be the leader of the Others. In flashbacks, Jack obsessively tries to find out who his wife Sarah is having an affair with during his divorce settlement. Jack suspects his father and attacks him at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Jack is arrested and bailed out by his wife. What an awesome way to start the season, I love the song and I love Jack, his back story's are always amazing plus he is hot. I love the scene where he wakes up and he is locked in a room and then we walks into a window - so funny. I also love it when Kate wakes up and then Sawyer wakes up all in different places. But there all in the same area and I love the area is awesome. I love the scenes with Jack and Jukiet and the scene with Ben and Kate. The scene with Kate and Sawyer is awesome too, I love the way Sawyer gets the fish biscuit.