Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on ABC
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Sawyer's wound becomes life-threatening as he, Michael and Jin make their way through the interior of the island with the tail section survivors. Meanwhile, Shannon is once again haunted by visions of Walt.

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  • Shannon

    Shannon's first centric episode brings forth how undeveloped her relationship with Sayid has been, as well as leaving the main plot once again with the Tailies, whose events seem to be dragged out more than they need to be.
  • Awesome.

    Shannon believes that Walt is on the island and begins searching for him. With Sawyer near death, Ana Lucia and the tail section survivors travel to the camp of the fuselage survivors. Mistaking Shannon for one of the Others, Ana Lucia shoots and kills Shannon. In flashbacks, Shannon deals with her father's death. Sayid and Shannon get it on. shannon keeps seeing Walt and Sayid thinks she is crazy until the last minute before Shannon gets shot. I love the way Charlie tells off Claire because she woke the baby up. I love the Claire and John scene. I also love it when Sawyer cant walk anymore, and then they have to get him up the hill and then Cindy goes missing.moreless
  • Can Impress.

    From the Writers Perspective:

    How you kill a character amd make her/his death to be a tragedy? This is exactly what the writers did.

    It wasn´t totally necessary and the Character dead mean nothing to me, but when they know that they need more audience and they don´t know a better way to attract attention, they kill someone.

    The trailer indicates that, because you start to think who will be killed and than, you watch the episode to discover who.

    Shannon Flashbacks explain her motivations and actions in the past, and connects with her actual situation, since this is the function of the flashbacks, explain the character actions, their bases.

    At Least, this drama can impress.

    My Point of View:

    The flashbacks + the death + the way that happened, made this episode deserves at least a 8.moreless
  • It all ends in tragedy in the rain

    From the moment she crawled out of the rubble of Flight 815, Shannon Rutherford has been portrayed as a whiny, simpering prima donna who has done nothing for herself, and cared little for anyone, even her own stepbrother. The only flashback we've gotten of her is in Boone's during 'Hearts and Minds' where she seemed even more unsympathetic and practicing a bizarre sexual obsession. When we finally get to see that flashback in 'Abandoned', the differences are so striking, they're hard to believe.

    Shannon was an aspiring ballerina who seemed to have a affection for teaching, and who actually seemed close to her father. Then her life is upended. Turns out that her father was involved in the auto crash in which Jack met Sarah, and he did die immediately afterward. Her stepmother--- who treated her like dirt even immediately after the death of her father--- was more of a jerk then Shannon ever was--- and she demonstrates it by cutting her off from her money, and then isolating Boone from her by offering him a job to make sure that Shannon had no way to realize her dream of an internship in New York. Effectively, this gutted Shannon, and she was nearly destroyed. Ironically, she ended up turning into someone pretty close to her on the island, only here the stakes are far higher.

    And now that she had finally found someone who actually cares about her, the trust is broken when, not coincidentally, after having sex for the first time, Shannon sees Walt standing before. Like the other appearances, we still don't know why this is happening. Is Walt using his psychic powers to try and warn the other castaways. If that's case, why is he coming to Shannon, who he had almost no interaction with before they left on the raft?. The message we hear from Walt is jumbled (it turns out to be backwards) speak for "They're coming, and they're close./ But if the Others are nearby, why don't we see them at all? They don't seem to bear any kind of threat to the castaways, so why is Walt warning them? Is it because his father couldn't find him? Was he trying to get an message to Vincent? This strikes me as an important question, and it gets buried under the far less interesting dialogue of Shannon trying to convince Sayid that she's not crazy.

    Equally bizarre is Charlie's attitude towards Claire. For some reason, even though Aaron is exactly one week old, he somehow thinks Claire should be old hand at this, and considering her behavior over what little we've seen of her over this season, she seems to be doing a pretty good job. Which makes it odd that Charlie seems to be questioning her devotion to the baby. Its understandable that she should be frustrated that other people seem to know to know more about how to handle her a baby then her, but where does Charlie get off just saying that Claire was going to give her child up for adoption? When Locke hears about this, he seems a little bewildered but when he learns the secret that Charlie's been keeping, he no longer seems that he can trust the person he thought he'd saved. Nevertheless, he keeps his mouth shut to the others, and it will be someone who has no use for this kind of secret who will demand he answer for it.

    Really, the most interesting part of the story is on the other side of the island. Eko, Jin and Michael have made it back to Sawyer and the other Tailies, but now they face a worse crisis--- Sawyer's deterioration. He's having trouble walking by the time the episode starts, and by the end he looks like he's a dead man. (I certainly thought he was the first time I saw this episode) Ana Lucia has always seem high-strung, and now we learn why. Where the others seem to have been regarding the survivors on the beach with more passivity, the Others have been hacking away at the Tailies since night 1.Somehow, twelve members have been grabbed, and so swiftly that it's hard to believe.

    Then we have no choice but to believe it. While carrying Sawyer up a hill, one of the Taiilies is grabbed right while everyone seems to have their attention focused. We've seen how strong they can be, now they seem to have this ability to move like stealth throughout the jungle, and we don't know how or why, even now.

    Then the whispering starts, and both groups hear it this time, which leads to the biggest shock when Ana Lucia, in a panic, shoots Shannon. The two groups have finally linked up, but now something has instantly happen to guarantee that there will always be some lack of trust.

    Shannon's death came as something of a shock, but it didn't bother me as much as Boone's did. (And it was nice to see Boone again) Part of it was because I never felt a great deal of empathy for her, even with the flashback, and she was the character I liked the least. (At this point, I even liked Ana Lucia better than Shannon. Ana really had a far better reason to be afraid and angry.) Perhaps now that she'd had these life changing events she could have grown as a character, but considering her problem with trust and love, I doubt even Sayid could have managed to keep patient with her. 'Abandoned' isn't a bad episode, but it does suffer from the lack of presence of Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sun (were they all in the hatch during this episode?) IT also has a bunch of unpleasant characters in it, and some that we have actually grown found of starting to deteriorate Sawyer's sickening to the point of death, Charlie doesn't have faith in Claire, Locke, whose already losing faith because of the hatch is now losing it in Charlie, and Sayid will forever be marked by the death of Shannon. The fact that Shannon realized someone loved her moments before her sudden death seems even more wrong, especially I'm relatively sure this island isn't purgatory (popular fan theory up until Season 3) It's going to take awhile before things get settled, but there is more darkness coming.moreless
  • its funny how they cleverly added 2 sudden tradgedies in 1 episode but i love it and it was very sad

    its funny how they cleverly added two sudden tradgedies in one episode but i love it and it was very sad. If only they were to put a little more action in it or let charlie get caught with the statue of mary. If that were to happen in my opinion this would be the one of the most appealing episodes yet. But i give it an average score for such an amazing drama. I also hate how there is a 100 word minimum for these reviews so i must continue to talk and type over and over and over and over.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • When Shannon leaves Boone's grave with Vincent, Sayid asks her, "Where are you going?" When he says this, you can hear Naveen Andrews' English accent coming through his Iraqi one.

    • At 35:10, while carrying Sawyer, Harold Perrineau (Michael) says "F*ck me".

    • Parent Issues:

      Shannon has a troubled relationship with Sabrina, her step-mom.

    • When the Taillies get to the top of the cliff and lose Cindy, they hear whispering:

      "Who's this in the woods?
      I'm in someone's dream
      Ich Weiss Nicht(German for "I don't know")
      She's heavy
      Black rock
      Bring the boy
      I'm in someone's dream

      Look in the eyes, right?
      Do you see her?
      It's the brothers that help us
      I can see eye to eye
      Did she see?
      Bossey, eh missy?
      I'm in someone's dream
      I know it all, I know it all
      It's in the eyes
      I can see eye to eye
      I'm in someone's dream

      I know it all, I know it all
      Do you see her?
      I can see eye to eye
      Did she see?
      Hide behind me
      Bossy, eh missy?
      I'm in someone's dream
      I know it all (repeated in background)
      Under the eye
      It's the eyes
      I can see eye to eye
      She's bossy
      I'm in someone's dream"
      These are the whispers that are heard in the jungle as Shannon and Sayid see Walt, and continues as Shannon runs toward Ana Lucia:

      "Relax dude
      She likes the guy
      She's coming
      I don't know if I can run, but I can yell
      Shannon sighs (Scream)
      Dying sucks
      Hurry up

      She likes this guy
      Dying sucks
      Hi sis
      Here she comes, here she comes
      His mouth
      She drives me crazy
      Hurry up
      I see eye to eye
      I see...

      Relax dude
      She likes the guy
      What do you think we should do?
      She's coming
      We should hide, we should run
      Heard some voice
      See ya (or possibly "Lucia")
      Hide the scope
      Hurry up"

    • The current events took place on November 8, 2004. The flashback events took place somewhere in 2001.

    • Numbers: 4

      Michael tells Bernard to get 4 sticks to make the stretcher.

    • Numbers: 16

      Shannon tells her stepmother that she will be working 16-hour days in New York.

    • Numbers: 8

      Claire tells Locke that Aaron has been up for 8 hours.

    • In the scene where Shannon and her step mother hear about her father's death, we're told he died in an SUV crash. They're at Jack's hospital and it seems her father was killed in the same accident Jack's future wife was injured in. Remember that Jack had to make the call to either save the woman or the man.

    • In this episode, there is foreshadowing of what happens to Libby in 2x21. Rose says to Hurley (about Shannon), "Poor thing, must not be easy losing the one thing on the island you love." Then, the camera focuses on Hurley.

    • Walt's "shushing" of Shannon and stating (backwards), "they're coming and they're close", suggests that he is aware of the 'tailies' and their presence and also perhaps that he knows what will happen to Shannon if she doesn't stay quiet.

    • When Shannon is in the hospital where her father died, Jack is dressed in scrubs and passes her in the hallway.

    • Goof: After Shannon gave Vincent the shirt to smell they started to run into the jungle, but she isn't holding the shirt in her hand. However, in the next shot the shirt is back in her hand.

    • Locke and Charlie are playing backgammon, a game Locke and Walt played a lot in the beginning of their stay on the island. Backgammon is thought to be a metaphor for the forces of good and evil (black vs. white).

    • In the final scene, Walt is wearing a different shirt than the shirt he is wearing when he is first seen in Shannon's tent.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • Shannon: My checks are bouncing.
      Sabrina: Well, that's what happens when you make withdrawals and don't make deposits, Shannon.
      Shannon: When do I get the money dad left me? The money from the will.
      Sabrina: There was no will.
      Shannon: What?
      Sabrina: Shannon, your father and I had a living trust. Everything passed to me. I'm afraid there was nothing specifically designated for you.
      Shannon: Why would he do that?
      Sabrina: Well, maybe he just wanted you to find your own way. We all have to work, Shannon. Most of us are better for it.
      Shannon: I can work. I just... I just got this really prestigious internship and I'm not going to make any money for a while but I'm going to be working like 16 hours a day.
      Sabrina: The only thing I've ever seen you do 16 hours a day straight is sleep.
      Shannon: I just need to get to New York. I need just something... something to get started. I'll pay you back.
      Sabrina: This week it's an internship. Last year it was what, interior design? You'll never pay me back. And you'll only hate yourself even more.
      Shannon: I really want this, Sabrina. I can do this.
      Sabrina: I'm sorry Shannon. You're on your own.

    • Ana Lucia: Shh! Shut up!
      Michael: What? They can't talk at all?
      Ana Lucia: If he talks he's going to get us all killed.
      Michael: By what? Them? I thought they lived a day back that way?
      Ana Lucia: How about you shut your mouth and get your buddy over here moving?!

    • Boone: Death sucks, doesn't it?

    • Claire: Then why is he carrying around a Virgin Mary statue?
      Locke: What?
      Claire: You know, one of the little statues? He says he found it in the jungle.
      Locke: Well how about that.

    • Claire: (to Aaron, who is crying) I know I woke you and I'm so very, very sorry, but please, staying awake for 8 hours straight... isn't that just cruel and unusual punishment?

    • Sabrina: Doctor, my husband, Adam, how is he?
      Doctor: Your husband was in a head-on collision with an SUV. He suffered massive internal injuries. He stopped breathing at the site of the accident. I'm afraid we were unable to resuscitate him. I'm so sorry.
      Sabrina: May I see him?
      Doctor: Of course. Would your daughter like to come?
      Sabrina: Step-daughter. Come on, Shannon.

    • Claire: I heard screams. I got worried. Why, would you rather I had left him over there alone?
      Charlie: You heard screams so you woke up the baby and ran towards them?

    • Sawyer (to Jin): Yeah, yeah, Chewie, I know. My arm's about to fall off.

    • Michael: (to Ana) Hey, you know what? I don't remember Goodwin. And I'm really sorry about whatever happened to him, but I really don't care.

    • Claire: I mean we're practically strangers, him and me. For all I know Charlie could be some religous freak.
      Locke: Yeah, I seriously doubt that.

    • Shannon: I didn't ask you to follow me.
      Sayid: No, you'd rather be out here alone and get lost or hurt.
      Shannon: I don't need your help, Sayid.
      Sayid: Walt is not out here. You're following a Labrador, not a Bloodhound - in an effort to find a boy who's on a raft in the middle of the ocean.

    • (Sawyer starts walking, but collapses)
      Michael: Hey, hey, hey! (he puts Sawyer's head in his lap) Okay. Hey, Sawyer, you okay?
      Sawyer: (barely conscious) I would have left you behind.
      Michael: Shut up, man. Don't try that.
      Sawyer: I did leave you behind.
      Michael: Yeah, well, good thing I ain't you.

    • Charlie: (about the baby) She was going to give it up, you know - for adoption. Did she tell you that?
      Locke: Yeah, when I built the cradle.
      Charlie: Ah, of course, when you built the cradle.

    • Locke: How's that cradle treating you?
      Claire: The cradle's great. It's the baby that's the problem.

    • Shannon: So, does all this - the tent, flowers - mean that we're serious now?
      Sayid: Quite definitely not. I do this for all the girls I meet on deserted islands.

    • Sawyer: She's lost.
      Ana: I'm not lost.
      Sawyer: Then tell me, Ponce de Leon, which way are we supposed to go?
      Ana: All right then, genius, where would you go?
      Sawyer: Hey, I'm with you - sit tight and wait for Mr. Eko to show up and guide us.
      Ana: If your friend didn't run off, Eko would still be here now, wouldn't he?

    • Ana Lucia: If you think that one gun and one bullet is gonna stop them ... think again.

    • Hurley: Um ... tell me why we are doing this again when there is a dryer in the hatch?
      Rose: I don't like the hatch.
      Hurley: It's 'cause of the doomsday button, isn't it?

    • Boone: Its a wake. Seriously, who doesn't serve booze at a wake?

    • Michael (to Ana Lucia): You want me to keep quiet, then you need to tell me why I have to.

    • Claire: We're playing mom and dad to this baby and I don't remember marrying him.

    • Ana Lucia (to Mr. Eko): I liked it better when you weren't talking.

    • Ana Lucia (to Mr. Eko): You'd risk our lives to save him, he's already dead. This one's on you.

    • Michael: They took my son.
      Ana Lucia: They took a lot of things.

    • Libby: Let me take a look at your shoulder.
      Sawyer: Are you a doctor?
      Libby: A clinical psychologist.
      Sawyer: A shrink. Maybe you should talk to my shoulder.
      Libby: How did you get shot?
      Sawyer: With a gun.

    • Shannon: Why don't you believe me? I need you to believe in me.
      Sayid: I do believe in you.
      Shannon: You don't! No one does. They think I'm some kind of a joke. They think I'm worthless.
      Sayid: Shannon, You're not worthless.
      Shannon: You say that now, but you're going to leave me. As soon as we get out of here, you're gonna leave me.
      Sayid: I will never leave you. I love you, and I believe you.
      Shannon: You do?
      Sayid: I do.

    • Sayid: I know what it is to lose someone you care deeply about.
      Shannon: You think this is about Boone? I saw Walt.
      Sayid: Then why are we sitting at Boone's grave?
      Shannon: Go back, Sayid.
      Sayid: Where are you going?
      Shannon: To find him.

    • Charlie: (talking about Claire) She's got a bit to learn about responsibility and all.
      Locke: Now that's an interesting thing to say for a heroin addict.
      Charlie: Recovering heroin addict.
      Locke: Recovering?

    • Rose: (referring to Shannon) Poor thing. Can't be easy losing the only thing you love on the island.

    • Shannon: You need to carry that all the time? (referring to gun)
      Sayid: I only carry it because I have someone to protect.

    • Locke: Babies like the feeling of being constricted. It's not until we are older that we develop a desire to be free.

    • Sawyer: Mike only cares about himself and his kid.
      Michael: (appearing from behind) Glad to hear you feel that way.
      Sawyer: Didn't expect to see you again.

  • NOTES (12)


    • Sawyer: Yeah, yeah Chewie, I know.
      Chewie is Chewbacca from Star Wars (as referred to by Han Solo). Like Jin, Chewbacca spoke no English, although close friends could understand what he said.

    • Sawyer refers to Ana Lucia as the Ponce de Leon. Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish Explorer who was the first person to set foot in Florida. Ponce de Leon was searching for the fountain of youth.